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Don’t Want Nothin’ – Don’t Expect Nothin’.

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(ThyBlackMan.comA shout out to the clueless youth who hang out at convenience stores chillaxing, and holding up the wall.

Picture this: A convenience store of minor proportions with peeling paint and crumbling concrete, stands in a residential district, where the average taxpayer has an annual income of $30,000 and below. Inside the dilapidated building, the shelves are packed with chips, cereal, and other food items. And hovering nearby is the reach-in cooler, filled with beer, cold cuts, and soft drinks. Nothing wrong with this scenario, right? Wrong. Outside a storm is brewing. Please be patient as I introduce the Grubbers.

Meet the Grubbers

You can find them on street corners in small towns, major cities, and rural areas. Young people trolling and hanging’ out. They are part of a select group known as the “We Want Money, But We Don’t Wanna Work Generation.” The time is mid-afternoon, and this spectacle is repeated daily in cities from Chicago to Miami. Precisely what are these people doing? And why in the name of productivity can’t they get their act together? If lack of education or marketable skills prevents them from seeking employment, then get help from agencies that have training programs available, at least make an effort to do something besides loitering.

Consequently, two weeks ago I read an article in which a 23-year-old-mother of five was quoted as saying, “If people gave us decent jobs we wouldn’t be hanging’ on the corners. So it’s their fault, not ours.” Wow, here we go again, using pity as an excuse for not doing and not having.

In glorifying the art of hanging out, I imagine a grubber making this mundane comment, “If I look for a job DeAndre and Mole Shankar will go to the liquor store and buy a bottle of Hennessy, and I won’t be around to get any. So I’ll stay here and hang with my boys.”

Do you see a pattern developing? Yes indeed, and you see it too. Excuses, that’s all they are. “The We Want Money, But We Don’t Wanna Work Generation” feel they need a reason to explain why they can’t and won’t work. Well, there is an old saying that goes, excuses are like buttholes everyone has one, which certainly applies in this case.

Therefore, you who are hanging’ out at stores and abandoned buildings at 7 in the morning, what excuse do you have? Doesn’t it bother you that no one, except your fellow grubbers, wants to be associated with you? Moreover, doesn’t it bother you that you spend your days postin’ up the wall, and counting the number of cars with custom rims? Hey, if you’re going to count cars, at least get paid for it.

Such wretched creatures these grubbers. What a shallow existence to do nothing, but wallow in their pathetic state of gloom and decay. What a waste of humanity. You have robbed yourself by not giving life everything that you have.

Pssst. Hey, come closer, no, no, closer. Have I reached any of you storefront ballers? If I have, all you have to do is stand up and brush the crust off your brain. Yes, I said crust! And with that said, let’s see if you can stand up. Hold on now. Oops, take it easy. All you have to do is rise up slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y. Now let go of the wall. Wait a minute! Now, put down the Hennessy. That’s it, put down the bottle. There you go. Now get to stepping. And why you’re out there, get a job. Damn that feels good. Next!

Staff Writer; Peggy S. Butler

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