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Three Ways to Keep Home Relaxing.

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( Home should be your sanctuary. When you go out into the world you are vulnerable to its energy. You never know what will happen in the course of the day. Work, and simply interacting with other people, has many at all time high stress levels. Its not always feasible to pack a bag, and go away to decompress and center yourself. Many people would find it very beneficial to be able to achieve the same goal while at home. A stay-cation may can have you energized for the new week from the comfort of your home. When we think of relaxing, and home, the overwhelming assumption that it will cost a lot of money tends to deter one from trying to re-invent our space. There are three ways to turn your home into a relaxation space, and it will not kill your bank account.

1. Clean up the house. This might seem obvious mentally, but it needs to play out physically. Take a bit of time to give everything in your home a place. None reason you don’t mid the hotel, whether you notice it or not, is the room is organized and clean. Its hard to relax when the sink is piled with dishes, clothes have run out of your room to every part of the house, and there are papers of some sort of every table and counter. We aren’t going to discuss how much of a wreck the bathroom may have become. This atmosphere is not conducive to thinking let alone relaxation. Determine to take the time to put your home in order. It might take you a few hours, but the reward will be well worth it, and it’s a dynamic step in bringing your homes energy to relaxation.

2. Invest in aromatherapy candles, or incense, or a small fountain. The scents in your home can immediately disarm you if they are properly placed in the home. Walking in your door the most is already shifted. Having a small water fountain is inexpensive, and rather soothing. The calm relaxing smells and sounds of your home helps your mind realize you are in a safe space. A certain amount of stress leaves you immediately simply by knowing you are in your safe space.

3. Try to avoid having too may stressful or angering conversations in your home, especially in your bedroom. Too many of us know the feeling of being in a relaxed space, and the phone robs us of our mood. Peaceful energy is what you are striving to maintain in your home. When a heated conversation is underway the balance of the energy in your home can shift as you are walking the for, or sitting, having a conversation dripped in negativity. Compartmentalization is important. Elders tend instruct certain things to be taken outside, and it was usually heated situations be it verbal or physical. This was done so that the energy of the home could be maintained. After having a negative discussion in your home its hard to go back to relaxed…because that energy is present. If possible step on to the porch or just outside to have the discussion. It is also okay to decide you won’t have it at all at the present moment. Never feel guilty about protecting your relaxation space when it is your home.

Enjoy the full benefits of your home by allowing it to be a place of relaxation for you. Many of us love to travel, but when we can’t home can become the best vacation from the outside world. Just taking a bit of time to clean and organize your space, set the mood of relaxation, and keeping the energy negativity free can allow your home to become a sanctuary in a world full of chaos.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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