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The Uhuru Movement – Actually, A Party Of The Black Bourgeoisie.

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( Recently, a former member of The Uhuru Movement came out against the organization publicly on social media by exposing the rampant opportunistic greed, cronyism, misogyny, and extreme corruption that’s rampant in the organization.

Here’s the former member’s actual post which has since been removed.

“I tried to leave quietly, but after 3 months of still receiving harassment from this movement, I have to speak out. As everyone knows, I was a member of The Uhuru Movement (APSP) since 2015. This past January, I resigned because of the unending manipulation and drama present inside the movement. I resigned because I started to realize that the longer I was in the movement, the more I was losing myself, my life, and my individuality. I resigned because I saw The Uhuru Movement harass, slander, and tear down the character of anyone who tried to leave. People who they once called their “comrades”, people who they called their “favs” and even best friends turn into enemies for leaving. There’s no loyalty to anything or anyone.

Anyone who leaves can explicitly state why they are resigning and The Uhuru Movement will create their own narrative about why they left and even lie to hurt someone’s character. Sometimes I wonder if they even believe themselves. Beyond all of that, I started to realize that many of the political analyses that the party makes are great, but it means nothing when you don’t do anything to genuinely affect the black community. You spend all of your hours on social media ganging up on people who don’t completely agree with you, making yourselves feel good, and finding ways to harass people like me, but don’t even go into the communities that you claim to protect. In all the years of me being there, we didn’t do so much as a damn backpack giveaway or a food pantry for the people of this city.

Everything we did was always something that made profit for the movement itself. For three months, I have been dealing with The Uhuru Movement doing everything they could to interfere with my life from constant messages of them slandering my name to them even trying to turn my friends, family, and mother against me. They have even labeled me as an “anti-party force” and told people close to me that they are not allowed to talk to me. Regardless, I will remain positive and continue to live my life and will be teaming up with different organizations in the black community.”

In deciphering certain statements this former member made, the former member likens the organization to a political cult that sucks away your spirituality by saying, “I resigned because I started to realize that the longer I was in the movement, the more I was losing myself, my life, and my individuality.”

Not surprisingly, in a typical counterinsurgency style slandering campaign, the opportunistically greedy and corrupt organization launched a vicious and nasty slandering campaign to not only intimidate former members into silence, but to also maintain and protect their thuggish cult like atmosphere as well as opportunistic greed and corruption in a recent video by vilifying those that refuse to “fully submit” themselves to the irrational dictatorship of the movement as well as a current member of the political cult that I personally saw in a recent video calling black women “dykes” and “drug addicts” while the other cult members around the member had said absolutely nothing about his misogynistic and disrespectful comments about black women.

The Uhuru Movement’s slanderous and vile attacks against former members who dare to speak out against them publicly is no certainty different from The Nation Of Islam slandering Malcolm X after he left the organization, The Black Panther Party slandering former members for leaving their organization, or BLM slandering former members for leaving their organization.

The Uhuru Movement is NOT the “only revolutionary party in existence” nor is it “the only party representing the interests of the black working class” as they always arrogantly claim to be because they are at best a extremely corrupt organization filled with numerous internal contradictions like cronyism, opportunistic greed, and slandering.

There are several real black organizations out there that I won’t name that are a 1000x better than the opportunistically greedy, cronyist, and arrogant Uhuru Movement and that’s for sure.

Here are some of the internal contradictions that other former members made on social media that have personally seen during their time in the organization

“Then seeing how they switch up on people who decide to leave the movement and IMMEDIATELY start to shit on them and slander them made me really rethink my position within the movement”

“Things like Africans Charge Genocide, which I worked hard to get as many contacts as I could for were just used to promote events instead of what they were actually originally intended for.”

“Why were there issues of misogyny and hetero-patriarchal violence within the party apparatus being systematically relegated to issues that could only be addressed after the revolution?”

“Why did the party needed furniture stores or a gym when the many people in their community are starving and homeless?”

“Why was it that The Chairman and his wife both drove push to start cars while many party members I knew personally could not afford more than one meal a day?”

“Why had I never heard The Chairman mention anything about his middle class background or military service?”

“Why did the party need economic development programs that did not create any sustainable form of affordable access to food or shelter?”

“Why did The Chairman stumbled and stuttered at The 2017 Plenary when explaining that the party’s properties were legally in his name?”

“Why was The African community surrounding The APSP headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida so distrusting of the movement and specifically so distrusting of The Chairman?”

“They called me a black capitalist for raising resources for African Martyrs Day and that I’ve spoken badly of the party because I opted to be a mass force. Also, it has been brought to my attention that I made up my apartment being broken into.”

“I have personally seen on many occasions the party raising hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars at singular events, but the members barely had any idea where or how the money was being invested.”

“Their own people inside the party are starving and scraping by just to eat, but are supposed to give up and sacrifice everything for a movement that doesn’t give anything back to our community and then they have their picks and chooses of who they’ll help and when.”

Here are excerpts from my actual recent interview with the same former member (who will not be identified because of constant harassment from the organization) spoke out against them on social media:

Me: “Hey, is it true that they often tell people to “join the revolution”, but the minute that people tell them that they didn’t wanna join, they bullied, harassed, and slandered those who refuse to join their movement?”

Former Member: “Well more so if people try to join & leave or disagree with something. Sorry I would give a deeper answer but it’s been a lot on me for the past few days”

Me: “It’s very disheartening and disrespectful how they treat their former “comrades”. They chew you up when you’re useful and spit you out when you’re no longer useful to them and like a rapper once said back in the day, “They’ll find a new n***a next year”

Me: “Hey, I saw those three videos of what The Uhuru Movement has done to your family by causing tension between your family and your brother who has been Majinated (aka mentally brainwashed) by the movement and I saw the real side of one of the current members of the movement come out when he severely dissed GSNA women calling them dykes and said that another former comrade was a drug addict while the other current member on the other hand stands there showing her complicity in the disrespect of GSNA women and your former comrade by not getting him to apologize.”

Former Member: “Yeah then the party released a video with one of their puppets in it, where they try to avoid blame and refuse to offer a self criticism.”

Me: “All sorts of contradictions exist within the corrupted party. I see one particular part of the video where their corrupt and puppeted mouthpiece lies and says that they “don’t slander anyone” and saying those “forces are coming out now by saying “The Party has done this and that” this is clearly prancing around taking any sort of responsibility for what they’ve done to you and your family.”

Former Member: “Yeah it’s such a weak response. They use their puppet to make this response video even though their puppet is shown on video saying nothing while one of their biggest black male mouthpiece disrespects African women by calling them dykes and drug addicts.”

Me: “The puppeted mouthpiece also says “these so-called anti-party forces didn’t have a prior relationship with one another, had backstabbed one another during a point in time and they have one common enemy and that’s The APSP and then goes on to say “there was this so-called anti-party force that was investigated for preying on young girls and was found guilty” and “this force that used to be the local president that would not submit herself fully to the party” and all this other bullshit to cover up their rampant opportunistic greed and corruption.”

Former Member: “Which is all bs. If I wouldn’t “submit myself” then why were y’all praising me just a few months prior at your convention…a convention that I organized for y’all to get to and organized so they had housing. And they whole “preying on young girls” thing has proven to be false and honestly is extremely low and dangerous to constantly accuse someone someone like that.”

Me: “First, about the “3DBG Campaign”, I saw they did these webinars and events. Is that what they’re using the so-called “legal fee” money for?

Former Member: “most of the money raised doesn’t go where they say it does. We had countless fundraisers (some I personally led) to raise money for the not only the lawsuit but for a mother of one of the girls who was murdered by the police to actually get a vehicle and driving lessons and two years later no real legal action has happened and that mother is still walking home everyday.”

This is horrendously disgusting how The Uhuru Movement is actually exploiting this black mother and her daughter’s death by the pigs for opportunistically self-serving gain that only pours money in the pockets of The Chairman and his family mostly. They’re literally exploiting our community to feed their own opportunistically greedy pockets.

I also remember seeing a post about “Uhuru Foods & Pies” that claim to give back to our community, but this former member exposed that lie by saying the so-called “institutions” like “Uhuru Foods & Pies” don’t actually give back to our community because they have to go all the way in the white community to pay for their food. Wow! That’s giving to the white community that truly doesn’t even benefit our community, not one bit.

The Conclusion – The Uhuru Movement does not represent the interests of our community, they in actually, represent the interests of the black bourgeoisie because all of the institutions they have are only bringing putting money in the pockets of the greedy opportunistic Chairman of the party, the guy who legally owns all the institutions that have been built.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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  1. Alex Davis says:

    How accurate is this story? If it is in fact accurate, then what’s being done about it?

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