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Short guide for getting rid of your student loans faster.

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( Everybody agrees that loans are not easy to pay, regardless of their type. If we were to select a certain category, we could say that student loans are the most unpleasant. Somebody who has a debt caused by a student loan knows that the worst feeling is to realize that a big part of your paycheck has to go there. In addition, you cannot make any plans that don’t include a monthly income until you finish repaying and this is very stressful; after you have graduated your studies you should start building your career according to your dreams.

When you have to pay a student loan, it seems that it will never end, but actually the debt can be out of your life sooner than you think. There are some tricks that can help you cover the loan faster than you have imagined and all you have to do is rethink your payment strategy

There are several ways to finish repaying your loan faster

  • Pay more than the minimum monthly rate;
  • Start thinking about student loan consolidation or refinancing;
  • When you have some extra cash available, make a lump-sum payment;
  • Take a job that turns you into a suitable candidate for loan forgiveness;
  • If you get any raise at your current job, use it to increase the payments for your student loan;
  • Look into you budget carefully and cut everything that is not vital, so that you could raise the payments for your student loan;
  • If you have the possibility, start a second job or some free time remunerated activity; transfer the extra income to your monthly loan payments.

Which method is more efficient

All the methods mentioned above are efficient but nowadays, more and more people turn to federal student loan consolidation when they want to pay off their study debts. The goal is to have a lower interest rate and the obligation of making only one payment every month. You could choose to refinance all your study loans or just one. If you apply for more, the interest rate will be lower, but the overall monthly payment might be higher. If you want to consolidate only one loan, the monthly payment would be lower, but, since the contract will last longer, the interest rate could be higher.

Next to consolidating the student loans with Government help, you can apply all the other methods and others. Self-motivation is a good ally, because only if you are determined enough you will keep on track and succeed. If you have made a plan for repaying the loan faster, stick to it! We know that any debt is hard to pay and it gets harder if you are young and restless, but be patient and you will see that your efforts are rewarded!

Staff Writer; Gary Day


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