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Rapper Jay-Z (aka… Shawn Carter) Is A Miserable Liar.

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( Jay-Z is an unhappy, blind person. I know because I’ve been there. Like him, I thought and felt like my mother, whom I resented but thought I “loved.” I believed that “racism” existed, and that whites were to blame for blacks’ suffering. It’s a lie, meant to keep whites afraid and blacks angry.

Jay-Z’s mother is a lesbian. When she came out, telling him she felt she may “love” another woman, he said he cried in happiness for her. But he has no peace. His father left the family when he was young. They supposedly reconciled before he died, but there’s nothing to indicate Shawn Carter ever truly reconnected with his father or loved him, let alone anyone else.

He’s married to Beyoncé and has children with her, but he allows her to go out on stage half naked, setting a bad example for their daughters as well as young girls and married women who look up to her. Together, they support the radical, far-left hate movement Black Lives Matter, which is worse than the KKK – killing the souls of black people by lying to them. The two came out for Barack Obama, the worst president in history who helped escalate murder in black communities by stoking black anger, undermining police and letting criminals and illegals roam free.

Jay-Z appeared on David Letterman’s Netflix show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.” They talked about Donald Trump, repeating predictable nonsense, calling the president a “racist” and saying he brought out an “ugly” part of America that people forgot existed. But these sick entertainers represent the truly ugly part of America – and they never let people forget about the mess they push!

There’s no evidence the president is “racist,” and there’s no proof “racism” has ever existed. It’s an illusion promoted by the children of the lie, meant to prevent white people from telling the truth and keep blacks deluded and blaming someone else for their problems. When I was growing up on a plantation under the Jim Crow laws, there were only good and evil people. There were no “racist” people. Only after listening to the race hustlers, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and the average black preacher, did I start to believe in hate, blame and victimhood.

Martin Luther King Jr. wanted people to be judged on character and not color. But today, when a white man has the courage to judge most blacks’ lack of character, blacks look at his lack of color and accuse him of “racism.”

President Trump is truly helping black people, more than any black “leader” in the last 60 years – dealing with illegals who have taken over blacks’ jobs and communities, cutting taxes and regulations to get the economy going, calling out violent crime in black communities like Chicago, defending decent blacks’ right to carry guns and defend themselves from criminals, and restoring respect for the police, the country and our military.

Jay-Z cannot see that he only brings more destruction in the black community by lying to them, because he himself believes the lie of “racism,” which distracts blacks from their real problems and their own evil within.

When I hated white people, as most blacks do today, I could not see that my emptiness was a yearning for my father, and that my anger was passed down from my mother. God said that unless you forgive others, He will not forgive you. So I lived in conflict and misery, needing and using women in the wrong way. I was weak and, although I was grown, I was not a man.

True masculinity – which Donald Trump embodies with fearlessness, plain truth-telling and love for the country and all people – is hated by the left, the media, Democrats, RINOs and Never Trumpers. They call him hateful, but they’re the hateful ones. They identify with the female nature of their mothers and grandmothers. They have emotions and so-called “empathy,” which they think is love, but is rooted in hate.

Only after I forgave my mother and returned to my father did I discover God’s love, which has no feelings to it, but drives out the spirit of fear, doubt, worry and anger. My eyes were opened to reality, and I could see the spiritual battle played out in the world – that it was not physical, nor was it personal. I understood that my mother couldn’t help but pass her anger at my father down to me, for which I resented her as a child. I understand where people are coming from, and I can deal with the evil working through them.

Jay-Z thinks the president “brought out” ugliness in America. In reality, we on the right watched the evil that Obama ushered in and emboldened, but, finally, Trump is making things right. The insane overreactions against Trump is the anger already in evil people who were accustomed to getting their way. Anyone expressing anger already had that spirit inside them before they ever knew about Trump.

I urge anyone who has any anger to pray and know yourselves so you do not fall for the lie.

Written by Jesse Lee Peterson

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8 Responses to “Rapper Jay-Z (aka… Shawn Carter) Is A Miserable Liar.”
  1. Jacqueline Holliday says:

    Wait, Wait Mr Trump “good on both sides” is not racist?

    Not only are you a Coon but you’re a Bed-Buck too.

    Nowadays conservatives pander more to white supremacy then liberals

    Very Strange

  2. JamalHotPaper says:

    Rough White Guy: “Where is my favorite Coon?”
    Jesse Lee Peterson: “Right here my friendly massa”
    Rough White Guy: “Are you ready to recite the pledge?
    Jesse Lee Peterson: “I’ve totally memorized the coon anthem sir”
    Rough White Guy: “Then please repeat it”

    In the heartfelt gaze of the urban environment I pray to white jesus to flatter with. Of the bootstraps to pull myself by, I stand by Trump, the alt-right and cry. I stand up for what America has done to assist us. Freeing us from the monkey-land, oh such the SJW Black Panther lies of kingdom come. The liberals are evil, we can’t accomplish on the backs of the white liberal man. We knee forward to conservatism and all flags even if a Confederate Touch. Liberals sway us to abort our kids and take it in the butt.

  3. Adrian Peterson says:

    He complains about Farrakhan yet he also complains about women going out half naked in America.

    He thinks racism is a lie

    He thinks BLM is worse then the KKK

    He thinks Trump represents true masculinity

    This is why most of the young men in HBCU’s I know are arch-liberals or something else.

    Walking in a room full of Black Republicans is almost like the black maids in Get Out.

    You are truly a diseased negro consumed by the spirit or ghost of an Edomite.

  4. Jason says:

    Discontinued reading the article after I read Trump is helping blacks.

  5. Michael K Barnes says:

    The Jesse Lee Paterson unit is ready! (Smiles by Automated Coon Unit)

    Our repairs of the Ben Carson, Sheriff Clarke, Larry Elder, and Hermain Cain models are almost complete!

    Extra Extra! The Christian Republican Factories cannot stop their annual producing of more (A)-Coons. Its a process thats in HEAVY demand these days.

    Visit the latest hybrid storage tanks that can support the full scale development of multiple android coons at once! The days of 1 at a time are lonnnggg gone!

    Due to the latest implementation of the Conservative Amnesia and Implementation Protocol (C.A.I.P v8) allows better utilization of their limited CPU’s to be actualized in taking down their human negro brothers armed with a multitude of straw-men and troll arguments.

    We have special chips in their hardware to create more complacency and subject them to be more docile to the Trump alt-right Controllers. Special Encrypted software allows the operating system to be triggered to defend “guns”. Despite the fact we intentionally flood them in to ruin their communities.

    We will not stop ladies and gentleman until we have an automated negro coon on every block, implementing our white policies.

    I suggest starting low with the Jesse Peterson and LLoyd Marcus Coons.

    Very affordable and a great decent model to start with.

  6. Steve says:

    Bro, you sound like Uncle Ruckus and this is White propaganda.

  7. Eric says:

    This person is clueless….ive never heard such mindless babble in my life….give me a break

  8. Bark says:

    “… the lie of racism…” If this is not the most insane article I have ever read-

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