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The Most Controversial And Toxic Black Figures Today On Social Media And The Internet.

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( Social media and the internet is much more advanced nowadays than it’s ever been. There’s also many dangers that come with being on social media and the internet and one example of that is the white nationalist comments against people in the black community who speak out against the various forms of oppression on a daily basis.

Another danger of social media and the internet is that you have these very controversial and toxic figures in our community who are saying some of the most ignorant and down right destructive things about black people on videos just to get attention and this disgusts me.

Here are some of the most controversial and toxic black figures today on social media and the internet.

1. Gazi Kozdo – I am gonna say this for public record that I’m not a big fan of this guy because he is a very notorious misogynist who has made many videos in which he slanders black women including one in which he slandered black women for calling out a known sexual predator in the “conscious” community. He also dissed black people in a video he did a few years ago by saying that he had a problem with black people getting an adequate education so they can uproot themselves from poverty (which is not always true by the way) while he drove around the country in a Mercedes that was loaned to him. He disgustingly raved in another video about being “in love with violent black men” because of how masculine they internalize violent behavior made them appear.

He is the most controversial corrupt mouthpiece of The Uhuru Movement and just recently, he was caught on video calling black women “dykes” and everyone else standing there didn’t even call him out for his disrespectful comments about black women. He is without a doubt one of the biggest faces of self-hate in our community because much of his verbal rhetoric in the videos are anti-black. One notorious example of his misogyny is when a sista commented on social media the other day that she was severely disrespected by Gazi and his minions and that they allowed Becky (aka white woman) to cosign on that disrespect.

2. Christelyn Karazin – I can’t stand this self-hating black woman because she has downright said some of the most insulting and downright buckdancing stuff about black men calling them “awful and disgusting” as well as making extremely lowballing comments about black men when she said in another video something to the effect of “Why Notorious White Nationalist Dylan Roof not solely target black men?” She viciously fights for and defends swirling (aka interracial relationships) in all of her videos, but fails to realize this fact:

The historical relationship between black women/ white men in America is a very toxic, oppressive, parasitic, and a colonialist type of relationship.

One of the so-called “founding fathers” in Thomas Jefferson was a notorious pedophile who raped young black female slaves on a plantation he owned which included raping a 14 year old black girl named Sally Hemings in which colonial history books put out the lie that he was in some kind of “romantic affair” with her when in reality, he was not.

During slavery, black women were often tortured and raped by white male slave masters that forced them to breed new slaves to get them ready for the plantation when they get old enough.

3. Pseudo-Conscious/Hotep Guys- These pseudo-conscious/hotep guys greatly disgust me because I have seen numerous posts on social media and the internet spewing their hatred towards other groups of black People especially black women and children. I remember over a year ago, a pseudo-hotep guy made one of the most insulting and disgusting comments I’ve ever seen when he said on social media that “black women are the #1 cause of death for black men in America” and I was extremely offended by that lowball statement, I never even read his articles ever again. They also perpetuate the issue of colorism by viciously slandering light skinned black people for “not being black enough” and saying dark skinned black people are “the standard of blackness” which is a bunch of BS.

4. Social Media “Revolutionaries” – The main type of “revolutionary” I personally can’t stand are the social media “revolutionaries” who sit behind a computer all day threatening, harassing, and ganging up on people who are not gonna always agree with every word that comes out of their mouth. Not only that, they also sit behind a computer all day and complain about stuff that’s happening in our community, but won’t even go out and fight for their community let alone going into the hood doing good things like “Feed The Hood”.

The Conclusion – Many of these black figures on social media and the internet today are not for true unity amongst our community, they’re on it for the attention and the fame.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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One Response to “The Most Controversial And Toxic Black Figures Today On Social Media And The Internet.”
  1. Michael C Evans says:

    Your view on interracial relationships is disgusting. Take a small minority of self haters and extrapolating it into a totality.

    As a Husband in an Interracial Affair I have been insulted, spit on, and called the N word for dating a white person.

    Here is the kicker, it came from BLACK PEOPLE not a single White (live in California)

    The plantation is comment is so old. Maybe blacks should apologize for abuses that the Moors did. Or France and Britain should apologize to each other after their 100 year war centuries ago.

    You people obsessed with History are disgusting…

    In my mind I equate an anti interracial stance to ‘Hoptep-ism.

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