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9 Legend of Zelda Secrets You Probably Don’t Know About.

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( Even if you’ve been adventuring in The Legend of Zelda series for years, there are secrets you probably missed. Even several months or years after launch, The Legend of Zelda series has secrets hidden in the vast world and anytime you can be surprised by locations you never knew existed. Here are some of the Legend of Zelda secrets you’ll want to uncover.

1. Forgotten Temple

The Forgotten Temple is a large building which you can find at the northernmost end of Tanagar Canyon. You will have to be very careful inside the temple because it is full of Decayed Guardians. The rewards this location offers is worth taking risks.

2. Hyrule Castle Prison

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is incomplete if you haven’t found the Hylian Shield. It is the most powerful shield in the game but getting the shield is not easy. You can easily reach the Hyrule Castle but it’s a dangerous place surrounded by enemies at every turn. The best and the easiest way to reach here goes from the north shore. There you will go to the Docks to find Saas Ko’sah shrine and from there you will get easy access to Hyrule Castle.

3. Eventide Island

When you first arrive on the Eventide Island, all your gears are taken away by the guardian. You will have to survive using the resources available on the island. Surprisingly the island is filled with treasure chests but you need to have strong supplies because, without an armor, it is difficult to fight and survive as the enemies cause more damage.

4. Tarrey Town

This beautiful place is located in the middle of the Lake Akkala in the Akkala region. Here Link can purchase his own house and the good thing is that building up an entire town is also a part of his journey. Once after the town is ready, villagers will appear with new offerings such as minerals, arrows, armor, and rare armor.

5. Coliseum Ruins

The royal family’s outfits were stolen by Misko, a bandit. Among these items swords, shields and many powerful gears are now available in Coliseum Ruins. Head to the east of the Outskirt Stable and you will reach there. But before you step into the Coliseum, remember that there will be a lynel in there and fighting a lynel isn’t easy.

6. Secret merchant Kilton

Kilton is a secret monster merchandise seller is a merchant who sells exclusive monster-themed stuff in exchange for Monster Parts. You cannot easily find him, but if you’re visiting Akkala region in the night time, the possibility of meeting Kilton is high. Buy a mask from him and you’ll be able to sneak into enemy camps without alerting them.

7. Rock Octorok

You can find Rock Octorok almost everywhere in the game but Gerudo Highlands near Gerudo Tower are safe places where you can experiment with these creatures. If you have rusty weapons, dropping them near these creatures while they are sucking air will not only make them suck your weapon, they will, in fact, spit out a brand new weapon or the same weapon in brand new condition. You can also drop bombs and detonate the bombs when a Rock Octorok is sucking air.

8. Sheikah script

The Sheikah language used in the Zelda games can be found on architecture and artifacts and also inside the shrines. It mainly works as a cipher of the Latin alphabet. In most of the sentences, there’s just a change in their grammatical structure, as a result, the flow of the sentences sounds different than the regular ones. If you observe this language in the game, you will be able to understand it very clearly.

9. Hidden Music

One of the best things about Breath of the Wild is that the game has not skipped classic music from the series. If you are watching gameplay videos or playing the game, you will notice that the developer has made significant changes in the music, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the old music is nowhere available. Nintendo has kept those classics hidden and all you have to do is to observe closely. The song from the Temple of Time exists in the new game and to listen to that music, all you have to do is to just focus on the tempo.

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