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Why African Americans Smoke Ole Weed: The Root of the Problem.

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( I am going to hit this topic hard – but hard, fair and accurately. If you smoke weed recreationally and do not like the assertions I am about to make, too bad. But I dare you to keep reading and I dare you to share this article with everyone you know. The day of denial is over and recreational use of marijuana is a detriment to the African American community. I have heard all the defenses and excuses before as a counselor so let’s tackle them one by one.

You may say weed (marijuana) is harmless, but that is simply not true. You may pull up studies conducted by people who use marijuana or done by those who justify it, but the motives of those people are highly suspect. You can say our ancestors and the Native Americans smoked Cannabis, but you need to know that neither reverses nor nullifies the fact that THC in marijuana is addictive. Plus, the weed on the streets today is everything but pure hemp, marijuana or cannabis. Street weed today is laced with everything from feces to rat poison to embalming fluid. Oh yes it is. Thus it amazes me how almost no African American would eat a teaspoon of rat poison, yet so many would smoke it in a blunt or joint.


You may say I am judging, but you must still admit the body is a temple and a temple should not be filled with smoke that kills brain cells, clouds judgment and throws off your focus and equilibrium. There is simply no justification for that, not at all, recreationally speaking. You may say I am placing all weed heads in one box, but that is not true either because I am going to examine several reasons – not just one. Therefore I am going to address every possible excuse I have encountered as a counselor regarding why our people smoke marijuana – and what we should be doing instead.


You may be thinking cigarettes and alcohol are drugs too. And that isweed-2015-black-people correct. So look at the devastating effects of cigarettes and the statistics on alcoholism. Then tell me you still want to use cigarettes and alcohol to defeat my arguments. If you do, look in the mirror and introduce yourself to Mr. or Ms. Denial. And while you can in fact do what you want to do because you are “grown“, remember those who were arrested for DUI or those who got cancer from cigarette smoking once defended their positions just as many of you do with marijuana. But once they were sent to jail or admitted to the hospital, it was a different story.


If you use recreational marijuana, you are getting pimped, punked and bent over by the little “blunt” god that takes your money, gives you a temporary break from life then leaves you with nothing. How dumb is that? Is it very smart to defend a drug that trades a short term of escape from reality in exchange for your concentration, your brain cells, your health, your memory and a host of other problems? News flash, laced marijuana was dropped in our communities just like crack was decades ago. But this drug is lulling you to sleep, slowly altering your consciousness and getting you to defend its side affects to the death. Doctors know it. The health department knows marijuana is harmful and addictive. The federal government knows it. The CDC knows it. Only those who are hooked on marijuana don’t know it – or won’t admit it. But why not?

Life is tough and many African Americans are using marijuana as a means of temporary escape. But guess what? Weed does not solve the problem, it just makes you temporary ambivalent. Yet when you come off your high, surprise, the problems are still there. There are also those who smoke weed because of peer pressure, everybody seems to be doing it. But people who blindly and blanketly follow the crowd are people who refuse to think for themselves.


Then there are people who smoke weed because they swear its harmless and that all the research saying it’s harmful is fake. How could states all over this country legalize pot smoking if it was dangerous? How could they dare do that when they are supposed to look out for us? Did you really ask those questions in your mind? Really? Since when has the government looked out for us? Think about it. No, really think about it. Or is there a deeper plan at play which will create an entirely new rehab industry only a few years from now?


Then there are those African Americans who say they will smoke “hemp” because their ancestors did. First I say to you, we can’t go back and look at their medical reports and charts, can we? Secondly, as advances in medicine grow by leaps and bounds every year, we now know that some things done long ago were bad for us – very bad. Thirdly, emulation of your ancestor’s behavior is not the best reason to do something. Your ancestors also picked cotton and went back in the barn to be chained up at night. Would you like to do that too? Our ancestors also had rights of passage where they went out and killed lions and bears barehanded. Maybe you would like to do that as well. Do you have to follow the crowd?

Some African Americans (black is the color of our car tires, not our skin) smoke weed because they have seen it done by those they trust – parents, close friends, older siblings etc. But that simply means there are even more people who are misled and who will not dare look at both sides of the coin. They will not read the health reports and the research. They only stick with whatever information supports what they want to do. Can you say “DENIAL“?

It is ironic that so many African Americans are smoking weed in order to mask their depression when weed is in fact a depressant. Why do you think people who smoke weed feel “chilled out“, laid back and as if nothing matters? These behaviors are the results of a depressant, not a stimulant. Hello, the alarm clock is going off but will you wake up?

Other African Americans smoke weed yet have no idea why they do it. These are the zombies who are more lost and on destructive autopilot than they realize. It’s very interesting that in 2011/2012 the CDC released a “zombie control plan”. Everybody laughed it off but what were they really saying? A zombie’s mind is gone. It has no sense of identity and very little awareness. It can function on a primal, primitive level but that’s about all. If you smoke weed, how far away are you from becoming that zombie? And could that be the plan put in place by those who flooded our communities with weed in the first place?


There is a reason employers do not accept employees being under the influence of marijuana at work – even in the states where it is legal. How would you like the police officer who is following you to be under the influence – especially in this current climate? How would you like the doctor operating on your mother or the ambulance drive to be under the influence of marijuana? Impairment happens at different levels with different people, but you really wouldn’t know if the police officer, doctor or ambulance driver miscalculated, now would you? Wow use a little common sense, just a little.

So you see we can debate about side effects, purity levels, case studies and recreational use all day long. But in the end, proof is proof and facts are facts. So if you smoke weed and you have not experienced the devastation, it is likely on the way. And while you may disagree with me now, let’s have this conversation again when the devastation, addiction and consequences hit home. At that point in your life, I will not have to convince you. STOP SMOKING WEED AND WAKE UP!

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


17 Responses to “Why African Americans Smoke Ole Weed: The Root of the Problem.”
  1. hoodgirl says:

    Time would be better spent encouraging the community to heal the body naturally through plant based foods such as “cannabis” as well as clean water, fruit and vegetables rather than narcotics “synthetic drugs” prescribed by licensed drug dealers “doctors” who are paid by “Big Pharma” to treat the symptom with deadly side affects instead of curing the disease through nutrition while Big Brother Govt “FDA” gives them a pass to make trillions in profit at the community’s expense.

  2. Carlos says:

    the United States in the early 1900’s just after the Mexican Revolution. At this time we saw an influx of immigration from Mexico into states like Texas and Louisiana. Not surprising, these new Americans brought with them their native language, culture and customs. One of these customs was the use of cannabis as a medicine and relaxant.

    Mexican immigrants referred to this plant as “marihuana”. While Americans were very familiar with “cannabis” because it was present in almost all tinctures and medicines available at the time, the word “marihuana” was a foreign term. So, when the media began to play on the fears that the public had about these new citizens by falsely spreading claims about the “disruptive Mexicans” with their dangerous native behaviors including marihuana use, the rest of the nation did not know that this “marihuana” was a plant they already had in their medicine cabinets.

    The demonization of the cannabis plant was an extension of the demonization of the Mexican immigrants. In an effort to control and keep tabs on these new citizens, El Paso, TX borrowed a play from San Francisco’s playbook, which had outlawed opium decades earlier in an effort to control Chinese immigrants. The idea was to have an excuse to search, detain and deport Mexican immigrants.

    That excuse became marijuana.

    This method of controlling people by controlling their customs was quite successful, so much so that it became a national strategy for keeping certain populations under the watch and control of the government.

    During hearings on marijuana law in the 1930’s, claims were made about marijuana’s ability to cause men of color to become violent and solicit sex from white women. This imagery became the backdrop for the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 which effectively banned its use and sales.

  3. Ryan says:

    Is it just me or dose this come over as a black problem (witch it’s not) from someone who knows very little on the matter? Cannabis is a people choice, not a choice between white and black. Thats a Racist point of view. Your conspiracy theory is nothing more than that. African American problem my ass. Its a health problem. At the same time it can help some people and that Is a Proven Fact. Someone should try to understand all sides of the argument before making such a crazy claim.

  4. Diane says:

    So why does this only pertain to african americans? Not that I agree with the author but I dont think this is a race decision. All Americans white, black, yellow & green. If you dont smoke it or have smoked it then shush!

  5. Daoud Robinson says:

    As an ex assistant for the Philadelphia Medical Hospital in 2012 I can declare most of the mental hangups had no causation with marijuana. Said drugs that hampered mental development were: lean, synthetic weed, Alcohol, “Mollies”, Prescription Drugs, Opium, and Meth.

    There were no people in for solely weed (unless they had a severe mental health issue far divorced from marijuana itself

    I know several people with accident pain, severe depression, and certain organ failures that take PURE weed for nourishment and relaxation.

    Stop this mad war on weed. There are hundreds of food products that, minus the high do just as much, and it some cases even more damage to your body.

    To say the least in terms of street drugs and doctors drugs, we would be here all day speaking of this abuses.

    Focus on Food Deserts or something else…

  6. Eunice says:

    Thanks for this write up. You sure did a good job. Smokers know exactly how they feel after using marijuana but of course they think is all ok and natural. One should just remember that the brain is the center of all our activities and altering it’s function via drug use is looking for trouble.check out the psychiatric hospitals and note that 99.9 percent of all the patients there has experimented on weeds. I can only tell you to break the habit now and, give your brain a chance. If not, sooner than later, you will have condition like; depression, auditory hallucination, visual hallucination, deminish memory, paranoia, manic, to mention but a few.

  7. Nubian.Phoneix says:

    I’ve pretty much agreed with you, but hey. Weed DOES mess one up. Still, the commenters are clearly right pertaining to the fact that weed CAN indeed be controlled and compared to our fluoride/lead infested water/food, sugar, additives, alcohol and serious legal drugs (lean, molly) not to mention Doctors drugs, weed is irrelevant to the community at hand. We all regardless of faith have “experimented” even just a tiny bit in college. For some who take it SLIGHTLY further its similar to one’s “social” drinking of wine. Why are we even targeting “possible” drug addicts (or addicts of any sort anyway?) You forget WEB Do Bois and his talented 10th. Its no secret from Africa to Europe less then 10% of the population made the scientific discoveries. This article is pointless Weed will be legalized by the next Democrat anyway. Clearly by the comments the people who will take it will still take it. The strong-one will one’s will take it for occasional recreation, the weak will one’s will become addicts.

    There’s nothing you can do.

    Tricky Call

  8. Cody Smith says:

    Its getting so bad your EDTIORS are calling you out son!!!

    We already had this “war on drugs/crime” in the black community of illegal drugs and it destroyed the community so much even successful college students were getting trapped.

    Until Weed is legal like Alcohol we will continue to be locked up!!!

    Do you own Prison Stocks or something?


  9. Mr. Jerry Fisk says:

    I can’t wait until Weed is legalized.

    Then we won’t have to listen to dolts like this claiming its “addictive”

    Newsflash anything without proper care is “addictive”

    Sugar is actually more addictive then weed, yet we have many healthy people who still consume some sugar.

    Guy treats us like a bunch of 5 year olds with no self control

    Its disgusting… This is why I hate Black Republicans/Conservatives.

    Their “Bootstrap” and “inferior” complex is assinying!

  10. chipower says:

    Mark Anthony WTF

    Why is every conscious black male losing it?!!!

    Word on the street is you a Hebrew Isrealite, now your former editor thinks so as well?

    Why do you allow these stupid Weed Post arguements to exist in the first place?

  11. Jonathon O'Neil says:

    Great expose sister Mary. I thought I would testify to the matter at hand as well. As a former ghost writer of ThyBlackMan, I am ashamed of Mark or Martin Anthony(thanks for the eye opener Mary) of his ignorance and 1 dimensional views on the subject manner. A truly determined person cannot be stopped. Drugs are a just an excuse. I don’t exactly approve of the drug choices (religious reasons) but even functional Alcoholics earning Masters Degrees haven’t escaped my eyesight, they even boast “relatively” good health. Why are you so irritated by this drug? Whose effects pale in comparison to Alcohol and have been a proven mood and disability helper? In spite of that his ignorance is tantamount to I believe the Reagan Administration’s over-simplicity, “Just say no”. I’d hate to think he SUPPORTS our sons locked in jails because he DOESNT support legalization. Martin Anthony is merely confused at the moment. He’ll come around. Martin otherwise has been an absolutely wonderful contribution to the success of the African. A model that should be re-instated like a president or family emblem. One more negative, only on a small scale, this one occurring at his rallies (I hesitate to give personal information of them) his intense screams on “Homosexuality” and “Judaism” makes me think his families suffers from such demons. I hope he gets the proper help and assistance for them. Mary I don’t believe he was part of any identity extremists. Martin Anthony is too strong minded for such tomfoolery. We aren’t “Black” however, listen to him it is a White Supremacist covert strategy and am being presently informed.

  12. Mary Augustine says:

    As a former ghost editor of ThyBlackMan.Com and, in behalf of the Black Marijuana alliance has henceforth endorsed the position of Weed and have announced a “rift” with my dear beloved brother Martin “Mark” Anthony. I have long suspected dear allies and patient followers that Martin has subconsciously engaged in diplomacy with the jailers of America and by definition the faux war on drugs. As my fellow kindred souls all know and vastly comprehend the wars target is black men. It would of prudent accurate measures that we take in accordance of the enormous gravity of American especially of the black variety culture. In conclusion (or being short) repealing the law will see and end to black criminality more-so then the criminals themselves “straightening” their drug affections. I do not agree with and cannot “ascertain” nor fathom why he doesn’t call himself “Black”. I am aware of Black Identity Extremists (NOI, Isrealites, The10) and it sadly appears he is fallen sway into an abysmal sunken area. Much apologies for he is not the Martin “Mark” Anthony in which I knew him to be. Good day my fellow tribesman.

  13. Noah Escobar says:

    “There is a reason employers do not accept employees being under the influence of marijuana at work”

    Rebuttal) How does this have anything to do with weed? There are drugs legalized that employers don’t want you on. Just because its legalized doesn’t mean every is doing it. The amount of cases in which Alcohol was used in the workforce FELL when it was re-legalized and has fallen much since the 80’s. News for your Alcohol is still legal


    Rebuttal) You are intentionally trolling sir. It is harmless =/= to Pregnant women in the same vain as any doctors drugs, street drugs are even……. SUGAR. A study from the national institute of medical research said even LAMB shouldn’t be eaten in abundance.

    Why do you think people who smoke weed feel “chilled out“, laid back and as if nothing matters?

    Rebuttal) You solely point out how it DEPRESSES people but fail to look up the cases where over-stress, maniac depression, borderline and how it helps down syndrome, psychosis and autism. But you fail to “see” the other side. You only harp on the negative and ignore ANY positive benefits not inclusive of over-stimulation and addiction to the substance at hand.


    Rebuttal) This is precisely why some people in heavily policed (brutality) areas take the drugs. Thats like asking anywhere from a slave to a someone with intense dental pain on why are they on drugs. Its obvious wouldn’t you say so? Who wants to get mowed down 100.000% sober?!

    Then there are those African Americans who say they will smoke “hemp” because their ancestors did. First I say to you, we can’t go back and look at their medical reports and charts, can we?

    Rebuttal) Why must everything hinge on “Western” Medicine, which tarnishes our drinking water with flouride and whose vaccines create illness. Why down everything natural! Why is the Fed downing Weed? Because it ails cancer and you sir are a white supremacist! Never-mind natural remedies!

    “Your ancestors also picked cotton and went back in the barn to be chained up at night. Would you like to do that too?”

    Rebuttal) What in the world does this have anything to do with drugs and how it relates to our ancestors? You almost sound like a deviant!

    Our ancestors also had rights of passage where they went out and killed lions and bears barehanded. Maybe you would like to do that as well. Do you have to follow the crowd?

    Rebuttal) Again you wish to be “re-dressed” in Western Attire. Killing animals is “beneath us”. First of all something called ARROWS, TRAPS and HUNTING STICKS existed.

    Your pea-sized brain is so small you have to REPOST the same article-facts AGAIN AND AGAIN!

    I have thus studied other posters. Tell me how many EXTRA brain cells it kills. Tell me mane.

    I’m still angry you dismissed the Umar and Hebrew Isrealites!

  14. Marshal Higgens says:

    I am have a Bachelors Degree in Economics and a Businessman yet I smoke weed. Almost everything (in moderation) is good for thy soul. I know many fellow straight A students at my college in Morgon State who do the same

    Another race-baiter fueling lies

    Straw Man Paradox view of the Government. The Government released the findings of Tuskegee Experiment, sense the government is bad is that a bad issue?

    There are people in Congo who are Black?

  15. This is some serious fake news, there is not rat poison or embalming fluid in your weed. Not a single drug dealer laces anythig without charging for it. It simply doesnt happen. Also they do prescribe it during pregnancy in quite a lot of situations all over the nation. If you would like to be taken to school on the subject look up my book titled How To Be A D: How To Be A Drug Dealer on amazon.

  16. Bg says:

    If it really is that bad, if it really is destroying all of our minds, clouding our judgement, and so on and so forth. If it really is as bad you make it out to be, why then is it still illegal at the federal level? Crack cocaine is a schedule 2 drug, marijuana remains a schedule 1 drug. If the government really wanted us numb and elevated out of our consciousness at all times, why does it remain illegal?
    Lastly, even in states that have legalized the plant, the overwhelming majority of consumers are not African American. Even within the legal industry less than 5% of ownership is black. Now how is that an African American problem?

  17. Lordie says:

    Author comes across as a 12 year old conspiracy theorist.

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