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Ways to Improve Your People Skills to Build Relationships.


(ThyBlackMan.com) Many things contribute to negative energy in life. One of the main sources of this is the relationship people have with other people, and further, how we handle personal situations. It would be great if we got along with everyone but in reality, there are times when we can disagree with an opinion or the way people act. This is true for both private life and work environments, but there are some ways to help deal with negative issues without resorting to conflict.

Understanding the reasons for difficult relationships, whether this is your personal life or at work, will give you a useful way to make a change for a healthier outlook. There are some important factors to consider about the way you deal with people and taking a look at your own people skills can help you communicate in a constructive way to get the desired outcome. Check out some of the best ways to improve your own people skills and how you can help others develop their own.

Understanding and controlling emotions

One of the best ways to deal with difficult people is not to react negatively. Of course, this is something that is easier said than done. However; tuning into your own emotions can help you deal with confrontation in an intelligent way. Delving deeper into this is also beneficial for self-belief and confidence and dealing with situations constructively and calmly can give you a boost There are some areas to look out for when evaluating a confrontational situation to control your own emotions such as recognizing when others around you become stressed or anxious. Heightening your senses to these factors can stop difficult situations in their tracks and enables you to resolve them quickly.

Keeping your own emotions in check is another way to understand your limits and that of those around you. Not retaliating or purposely causing conflict gives you a better handle on things and makes you the bigger person in a range of situations. Conflict can occur both at work and at home but responding to it effectively can give you greater peace of mind and the chance to perfect those people skills for the desired effect.

Listening to others

One of the biggest causes of conflict between people is ineffective communication. It can be something as simple as a misunderstanding, written word taken the wrong way or choosing to ignore the opinions and thoughts of another person. Taking the time to listen to others and paying attention to their grievances without interruption is one of the first steps in building a better relationship. It’s not just what people say that is key here as it can also be how people react to body language and non-verbal communication. Tuning your emotions to this level of intelligence puts you in a better position to listen and respond effectively. Your response here is also necessary, as taking the time to stop and contemplate your reaction or reply is another way to promote better communication and respect between two people. In a working environment, this step is vital to ensuring everyone on a team is listened to without the fear of being interrupted or talked over.

Providing and asking for feedback

Positive and construction feedback is an important part of the communication process. Getting feedback or giving it puts both parties in a position to evaluate the situation and learn from it. The way feedback is given is also vital to ensuring there no crossed wires, and each person fully understands why the input was provided. Your tone of voice can help here as no-one likes to be lectured or nagged and helping someone understand the advice or thoughts given is likely to help them achieve greater things in the future. Constructive criticism can go a long way in helping somebody understand how to improve. The same can be said for positive feedback. Giving or receiving praise is vital in recognizing achievement and provides a recipient with a much-need boost on a job well done.

Positively communicating both types of feedback is also beneficial for both parties as it relaxes the atmosphere and makes others feel confident in your company.

Maintaining good relationships

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and no one is perfect all the time. Striving to keep the most valued relationships in good standing can also take work and is a chance to re-evaluate your people skills on a daily basis. Healthy relationships have a host of benefits for wellbeing and give you a better outlook on life in general. Taking the time to enjoy experiences with people you love is ideal for boosting happy chemicals in your brain, which, in turn, helps maintain a positive outlook. Learning to respect others and understanding their needs also forges great relationships as everyone is on the same page.

Maintaining healthy connections is vital in family, friends and co-worker circles and there are many ways to rekindle the communication between all parties. Group activities such as Escape Game get everyone working together for the same outcome and gives people the chance to get creative and collaborate effectively. Simply making the time to visit people is also a great way to open the lines of communication and develop a deeper connection with them. Meeting new people also helps to test your people skills and assists in exploring new groups and circles that are beneficial to your wellbeing and understanding of relationships.

There are many ways to create new friendships and explore different areas of how these sometimes complicated relationships work. Actively thinking about the many strategies available to get the best out of these connections is key to keeping a healthy and happy environment for you and the people around you. Start developing and fine-tuning these people skills now and you’ll reap the rewards for better and long-lasting networks for the future. Don’t forget that it’s also ok to ask for help if you feel you need guidance on building better connections.

Staff Writer; Bobby Shaw

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