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Friday, March 23, 2018

All Weed Smokers Beware: You Are Being Set Up and Used.

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( The legalization of recreational marijuana is a Trojan Horse which is being welcomed by people because they want to use it. Why? To feel good because they don’t otherwise. Why? To escape life, at least temporarily. But when the high is gone, the problems are not.

Click the link below then scroll down to read the memo issued by the United States Attorney General recently.

Note: Even if weed is legal in your State, the federal government can still prosecute you. smokers are being set up for a fall on several fronts. Yet the desire to smoke weed, the denial of the facts and the acceptance of recreational marijuana use by so many states in this country will cause millions to be and stay deceived. Ironically, weed smokers they are in part using you against yourself and your head and judgment are both clouded on this issue even when you think they are not.

Conspiracy theory? Unfortunately not because a ton of hard medical evidence verifies the facts, the real facts, the rest of the facts, the hidden facts. The reason many of you cannot see what I am saying is because you have not been trained to see. As a former detective who graduated second in my class at the academy and who solved my first case in 24 hours, I have the training, the gift and the skill to spot what others often miss. That is what detectives do.

Does marijuana have benefits? Yes but that’s not the whole picture. And I have found that even the few medical, sociological and psychological studies in favor of recreational marijuana use are skewed or slanted studies and neither as strong nor as accurate as they appear to be. You can see this for yourself if you know how to analyze the basis of a study.

Weed has THC which is verifiably addictive. Weed kills brain cells. street weed is never pure and usually mixed with hundred of bad things in order to stretch it including embalming fluid (formaldehyde), rat poison (arsenic), feces and other ingredients.. When these chemicals burn and burn together they create even more deadly affects on the body and brain. You are being lied to and many of you are believing the lies because you want to smoke weed.

The CDC, any honest up-to-date doctor, the World Health Organization and the U.S. Health Department all know what I just said is true. They are silent or allowing recreational marijuana to become legal because it will help the following:

1. Increase incarceration rates in the states where it is illegal.

2. Increase incarceration rates as the federal government prosecutes users and dealers, even if it is legal in the states where it was used (see Jeff Session January, 2018 memo). More money as well through fines, probation etc.

3. Create an increased group of addicts and thereby creating a rehab population that must be treated. This builds the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry and possibly the psychiatric industry.

4. Makes money for cities, states and school systems even as it damages the population and at the cost of that population’s physical and mental health.

In order to help you see the covert agenda more clearly you have to look at the facts and sit your desired behavior aside. I want you to grab a friend and do a role play session. One of you is a congressional legislature and the other one is the head of a large pharmaceutical company.

I am interested in the facts, especially the hidden ones. So for those of you who do not believe anything you just read, you will later when you see the rest of the curtain come down. I suggest you do your own research beyond what you want to do, beyond what those who are pro-weed are telling you and beyond and beyond what you want to believe. Share this article with everyone you know. I challenge you to find out the truth they are not telling you.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


25 Responses to “All Weed Smokers Beware: You Are Being Set Up and Used.”
  1. Drovonte Abdullah says:

    Bruh, as the commentators have stated on, you have an article that doesn’t speak any precise numbers combined or any REAL data and simply assumptions with no coherent logic or absolute truth. You just Slangin random stuff. The writer then finishes off with “research” more.

    IM the one that needs to research? Just wow homie

    More Minute-Made, Microwave Fake News for the Anti-Weed Coalition

    Get a life duck jiggas!

  2. Arthur Jones says:

    Weed has helped me through college and learning disability
    Weed has helped stop my porn addiction
    Weed has coped with me losing my parent in an accident
    Weed has greatly assisted my Bipolar Condition
    Weed has helped me get chicks
    Weed has made my disjointed knee feel better
    Weed has calmed my hyper nature

    Still think I’m lying eh?

  3. Mr. J says:

    “Weed kills brain cells”

    You do know billions of brain cells die anyway on a semi-consecutive basis right? Where is the actual evidence it kills substantially more? Of course not, because it doesn’t exist.

    “THC is addictive.”

    Are you REALLY that mentally incompetent? Weed is addictive to the tune of Sugar and Video Gaming. Not actual Liquor, Crack etc. Again if you read medical journals you’d be knowledgeable about the topic.

    “Psychiatry Industry”

    Are you actually suggesting to us Medication or Facility Usage for Weed is plausible? Do you even know what Weed is? People are well informed against the drs counter drugs AND there isn’t really any doctor that prescribes drugs solely for weed SMH

    “The CDC, the World Health Organization and the U.S. Health Department”.

    You believe these corrupt people with links to Sierra Leone’s bio facility that started Ebola in Africa, Sterilization with Planned Parenthood. These same people make billions in anti-psychotics and support dangerous new Wi-Fi Standards. The same people that hide cures to drugs, advancement treatment?! etc

    What kind of person with a pino (billionth)-ounce of shame and dignity writes REPEATEDLY waste sampling material of this nature? I’ve checked your name and you write literally TONS of this low-level unresearched drivel

    And you were a Detective? Please sir, tell me about the case of Trevo Craws sanity?

    We all want to know where the h*ll that went

  4. Dark Negro says:

    Umar Johnson supporters, Hebrew Isrealites, Argumentative Christians, Atheists, Alex Jones Conspiracy Theorists, Right-Winger-Subtly-Pro-Trumpers, Liberals, Anti-Muslim/Other Religions, ANTI-WEED, Anti-Women, Left/Right wing SJW…

    Who the Hell runs this site?!!!!

    To Trevor Claw,

    It’s amazing you are even called a writer at this site, no sources, no tangible evidence just infinitely summarized blind & biased garbage. A pathetic minion that no doubt was summoned by Mark Anthony.

    ThyBlackMan is starting to become Mainstream News.

  5. Mary Hellens says:

    Wow, the author ignores the medical benefits of weed and has no clue how it relates to other drugs literally millions of times worst then it. Such a rigid and simple mindset. This news organization literally spams anti-weed articles that are factually incorrect, make no sense and treat the viewer like a toddler or a general idiot. Glad the viewers have spoken

    Then again this is the same site that attacks Black Panther for showing a realistic view of European Controlled Africa and African American resentment/rebellion. It’s not an agenda its reality. Now strong women who don’t even challenge men and get along just fine are still “feminists”. Anti-Women. You Men have no class and seek white male validation to attack sisters for daring to step in your non-existent shoes!!

    ooooH child! next up we have the blatant and biased Oprah and Obama Bashing for conservative ideals even though they have assisted MANY African Americans both broad based and in niche arenas, you can’t save everybody at the same time dears!! Not surprising the #2 article pathetically complements Trump. “Thank God for the Great White Hope” literally the words. Ya’ll don’t hate liberals cause they lib, you hate ’em cause ya’ll a Sheriff Clarke type coons! Homophobia at an all time high. Gays seek the unlimited sexual rights that Heterosexuals have. Stop pretending its the 70’s!! Everything goes as long as its not gay right?

  6. Dan says:

    I to have been trained to spot scam and intellectual frauds. This is one. Several false statements. Scare mongering. How did you get a forum?

  7. MaryJHeals says:

    Who are you. ? Beside some fucking moron bible banger whos never smoked and is complety ignorant to all the medical research that can now go on to prove smoking marijuana doesn’t cause cancer and all the people it helps now that it’s legal. Your a complete MORON why dont you do a little more research instead of spreading lies and mis information and opinion you got from church. Because obviously you can’t think for yourself or use science instead of your Friday night bible study group and why dont u read some actuall research studies that now says marijuana has cancer killer properties as well as a host of other uses. The government is trying to kill is by not arresting us for a laww that should have never been around in the first place. the fact that the government is letting us do it legally does not matter. All the smokers are gonna smoke. Its better then all the dui deaths from alcohol that becoming less popular

  8. Malcolm Kyle says:

    I’m used to reading ‘reefer madness’ lies and bs, but you’ve just taken it to a whole new realm. Have you no shame?

    The following is from a study published in the Frontiers in Pharmacology journal by researchers from McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School and Tufts University:

    “The administration of cannabis is associated with reduced prescription drug use and improved cognitive performance.”

    The study assessed three months of medical cannabis treatment on executive function, “exploring whether MMJ patients would experience improvement in cognitive functioning, perhaps related to primary symptom alleviation.” The study used 24 patients certified for medical cannabis use.

    In addition to the patients experiencing “some improvement on measures of executive functioning” reflected by “increased speed in completing tasks without a loss of accuracy” using the Stroop Color World Test and Trail Making Test, patients also reported moderate improvements to their sleep patterns, decreased depression symptoms, and “attenuated impulsivity.”

    Study participants also reported a decreased use of conventional pharmaceuticals — opiate use declined 42 percent, antidepressant use declined 17 percent, mood stabilizer use was reduced 33 percent, and use of benzodiazepines, such as Xanex, declined 38 percent.

    Kindly google: “A Pilot Study Assessing the Impact of Medical Marijuana on Executive Function”

  9. Ryan Torque says:

    What a fool you are! You must be composed of the slime that ran down the inside of jeff sessions mothers legs! You will reap what You sew. I wish all the childrens pain X1000 that your bullshit article has caused. What PISSES me off is your allowed to breath the same air as the rest of the population!

  10. Jennifer says:

    This article is absolutely 100% certified bull sh!t. I’m sorry I wasted my time reading it.

  11. Mr. G says:

    This is the first I’ve ever heard of this “thyblackman” blog/website and I read the news daily from sources around the world.
    Cannabis CAN be emotionally addictive, but not to the point of any major illness if a person decides to quit.
    As a matter of fact, do a little REDDIT search and you’ll find people who actually quit using cannabis for days or weeks at a time. If you understand the plant and it’s effects, you understand why they do this.
    In regards to the whole black people being set up and used…
    That’s the silliest thing I’ve read today.
    First, how does legalization in one state make illegal states use MORE illegal.
    There’s no logic in that statement.
    Second, more white people use drugs as a whole than black folks, so logically speaking, the March forward of states legalizing means that less people overall (including black people) would be arrested and/or fined. But even the fine is one that a person who buys enough weed to get a fine, could afford.
    Third, the foremost authoritive country on cannabis is ISRAEL. They’ve allowed medical cannabis since the nineties(just like California) and though I’m no expert, I believe their population of black people is far less than the U.S, so who are they using and setting up?
    Fourth, if you ever want to be taken seriously as a writer of “facts” then come to the table with FACTS and cite your sources.
    Otherwise, you may as well be a Russian bot.
    This article was poorly written.
    As a life long stoner who has been gainfully employed for twenty years straight and has never missed more than five days of work a year due to illness, I’ve written better articles high than you did here, ALLEGEDLY sober.
    Or maybe you drank too much and had a deadline to meet.
    Either way, you need to understand that cannabis users can be thoughtful and often use their “high thoughts” as impetus for research of a myriad of subjects. Cannabis use itself being one of them.
    If you really feel as though can help black folks by educating them of cannabis use…
    and stop trying to pass off this nonsense as important.

  12. Second Opinion says:

    I graduated first in my class at the Academy. Now I have MS. CDC, NIH as well as the rest of government have incorrect data because the only weed they can study is only grown at the University of Mississippi. It’s dirt Weed and has no medicinal value because of that. But no one can study the actual good stuff for medicinal value because it’s still a Schedule I drug. Watch a video or documentary about a child with epilepsy go from 100+ seizures a day to none for months. Imagine what that joy brings to their parents that have run out of options. CBD doesn’t contain enough THC to coming CLOSE to getting a person, let alone a child HIGH.

    As stated above, there is no concrete evidence of dependency and not one case of overdose.

    The sad part of your “article” is that the whole ‘war on drugs’ and the movie Reefer Madness was to turn America against African Americans and other minorities. All propaganda. And here you are thyblackman defending them…

  13. Clint says:

    I was against cannabis for 39 years, told all my friends “No, I don’t want to fry my brain” then I stumbled on the truth. Patent 6630507, and US8632825. 6630507 shows cannabinoids REVERSE Alzheimer’s that started my investigation for the last 8 years I have researched cannabinoids. How does CBD and THC together REVERSE damage to the brain when I was told it does the opposite? Sounds like this guy has not really done any research. I have gotten off of 6 big pharma meds after 6 months of 1:1 CBD:THC oil.

  14. Drew says:

    The person writing this article is just some idiot with a big head. I am sure he or she is power-tripping because he or she doesn’t like marijuana, and they want people who smoke it to feel bad about it and stop. However, nice try. People are still going to enjoy the benefits of it and disregard this propaganda.

    People who power-trip are often those who are involved in law and investigations. They love telling someone what to do, having the power to prove someone wrong, or looking like they are right about something. Don’t buy it. Just laugh like everyone else is and shrug your shoulders as why certain people have no lives and why they have to try and punish others for there own personal validity and pretentious verification.

  15. Anze says:

    Wtf dude you are just reposting the same sh*t over and over again!!
    You are full of shit!
    Stop posting

  16. Jovo says:

    That post makes no sense!!
    At least give some evidence for what you said!!
    “”To feel good because they don’t otherwise. Why? To escape life, at least temporarily.”” WHAT THE F*CK?????? Nobody smokes weed to escape life!! And I think that most stoners are happy even without pot, when they smoke it they just get even more happy and relaxed!
    Your really are full of shit dude, stop posting this crap!
    Your life really must suck to post something like you did

  17. Kurt says:

    Man you are full of shit. Enough said….

  18. Carl says:

    Arsenic, formaldehyde, really? What references do you have for that claim?

  19. TedD says:

    This is truly one of the most absurd things I’ve ever read. Tell me, did you also direct the movie reefer madness ?

  20. Frankie says:

    I happen to agree. Everything is a set up for failure. That’s how the masses are kept under control. Same thing with cancer. As a matter of fact, this very article could be a set up to get all kinds of drug users to respond so your information can be collected. Pieces of shit!

  21. Zack says:

    I have never seen a human become addicted to marijuana. I personally uae marijuana and also use to smoke cigarettes. I can rell you from my personal experience as well as many others that cigarettes are 1000 times more addictive and you can buy them anywhere. Ive never heard of or known any human that has went to treatment for marijuana. You are rediculous and all of you facts and opinions are flawed. Marijuana is safer than alcohol and any other stimulants. The only reason marijuana is not legal is because the pharmeceutical giants lobby legally,but also illegally to stop it from becoming legal. The pharmeceutical companys stop marijuana from becoming legal because there research as show the truth. The factual research as shiwn that marijuana can and will replace tens of billions of dollars worth of the products. Until they can get control of the marijuana market it will stay illegal. The auther of this article was paid by a pharmaceutical company to spread biased, selfish and fictional propoganda about marijuana.

  22. Sean says:

    Oh man. Well done. Click bait title and garbage content. Hope you hit your metrics.

  23. Tony El Gato says:

    I hAve read a few of your pieces and they are only opinion based. You have no factual evidence to support your wild claims. If you continue your career in this kind of reporting then we might as well have you published on candy wrappers.

  24. Colleen P Williams says:

    I want your data used to assert THC is “verifiably addictive”. Bull. You are making false assertions. Post the links to the peer reviewed research.
    Yes, the GOP is an

  25. Truth sayer says:

    3. Create an increased group of addict

    Sorry, you lost me. Have you actually ever tried Cannabis?
    0 deaths in recorded human history.
    Don’t accept that as a fact, go ahead and name 1.
    I’m waiting….
    Keep your laws off my body.

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