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Rahm Emanuel And The Chicago Killing Fields – PT 2.

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( FIRST we have to declare that there is a clear distinction between ‘gentrification’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’ the gentrification process can occur naturally and voluntarily the people of a neighborhood who have been long time residents can be approached by large developers or a local government and asked to sell their property for a lot more than they bought it and many people do , but ethnic cleansing is terminology used by the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURTS it entails removing a people from a area by force or bringing about the conditions in which its is impossible to stay and that can be a crime according to the ICC.


IF you make a allegation that the mayor of a major AMERICAN city has a plan to drive blacks out of his city by the use of nefarious means this is no trivial matter and should be taken very seriously, that’s just what the DEMOCRAT ILLINOIS GOVERNOR candidate CHRIS KENNEDY suggested when he stated the RAHM is pushing a twisted gentrification plan to rid CHICAGO of its black residents.

CHRIS KENNEDY who is the nephew of the late JOHN F. KENNEDY and the son of the late ROBERT KENNEDY said at his press conference ‘ I believe that black people are being pushed out of CHICAGO by a strategy that involves disinvestment in communities being implemented by the city’s administration and I believe RAHM EMANUEL is the head of the city administration and therefore needs to held responsible.

KENNEDY added : ‘THIS is voluntary we’re cutting off funding for schools , funding for police , allowing people to live in food deserts closing hospital , closing access to mental health facilities what choice do people have but to move to leave ? and I think its part of a strategic gentrification plan being implemented by the city of CHICAGO to push people of color out of the city , the city becomes smaller and as it becomes smaller it becomes [WHITER],’ you read that right, the RAHM wants to make CHICAGO white again!

KENNEDY didn’t use the term ‘ethnic cleansing’ but that’s just what he described and it can be a considered a crime according to the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURTS we must demand a investigation.


NOW is a good time to review everything we’ve been told about whats happening in CHICAGO,we have all read the headlines about the out of control violence and the shooting of innocent victims but as a person raised in the inner cities and among the largest street gangs in the nation, I knew the gang world very well and I always had my suspicion about what was happening in CHICAGO.

THE random and indiscriminate killings we’re being told about is not normal gang activity, the gang members I knew main concerns were making money, other gangs and staying out of jail, shooting 7 year old children and 65 year old grandmothers wasn’t a priority and its nothing that they can be proud of remember they have mothers and children too.

I have always felt there was a element of terrorism hidden underneath the everyday black on black inner city crime and gang activity being portrayed in CHICAGO because the best way to get a people to vacate a certain area is to make or allow it to become too dangerous to live there and the numbers reflect that and they’re staggering, federal census shows in 2010 one year before the RAHM was elected CHICAGO’S black population was at 33% and now its just above 29% in fact blacks are the only demographic in decline in CHICAGO and when you hear numbers like 4,000 killed and 18, 000 shot these are wartime numbers but its happening right in the heart of AMERICA, how can any of us tolerate this?

WE have heard gang members from all over the country saying that high caliber weapons were being dumped in certain neighborhoods sometimes in crates to be easily found by anyone and these stories have been told for years , its time to re investigate these stories.


ANOTHER clear sign that ‘ethnic cleansing’ is taking place in CHICAGO is the large influx of MEXICAN illegal aliens pouring into the city because you have wonder if the city is too dangerous for blacks , how can it be a safe place for MEXICANS, this falls under the category of ‘POPULATION TRANSFER’ or in today’s terminology ‘population replacement’ and it can also be considered a crime .

THE illegal alien population in CHICAGO is estimated to be around 150,000 and thats probably a underestimation however its a population that’s being promoted and protected by the RAHM with taxpayers money, the RAHM has declared CHICAGO a sanctuary city for them and has created a $1 million legal fund to protect them from deportations, the RAHM stated ‘ because the [TRUMP] election has created anxiety and uncertainty , we’ve created a legal fund to help to insure immigrates have access to legal guidance.

IT’S very strange how black democrat’s can sniff out a white racist from a mile away but will elect and re elect a ZIONIST JEW who is openly terrorizing us out of our own city while bringing in the replacements, you have to believe these people are either very stupid or completely insane and what’s even sadder is they’ve only gotten worse over time they haven’t learned a thing, its their own stupid and reckless politics that’s killing us and until black AMERICA understand this CHICAGO and other cities will continue to bleed and die.

Staff Writer; Robert Jordan

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One Response to “Rahm Emanuel And The Chicago Killing Fields – PT 2.”
  1. Trevo Craw says:

    First off the Mexicans are coming back. Much of America was owned by Spain and/or Mexico at one time. We need not forget that. Also Emmanuel was an Israeli soldier so he knows how to lock down Chicago. He just won’t do it. I have long since known his strategy was to simply let them kill each other. Too bad the gangs don’t see they are puppets and pawns

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