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Me Too Movement; Destroy The Man, What happens to the Family?

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(ThyBlackMan.comNever pay back evil for evil to anyone. … Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord.

Romans 12:17-19

President Trump tweeted: “People’s lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are new. There is no recovery for someone falsely accused – life and career are gone. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?”

This comes after the White House lost two men this week, former Staff Secretary Rob Porter and speechwriter David Sorensen, both resigning amid allegations of “spousal abuse,” which they deny.

Trump reminded the press: Rob Porter “says he is innocent and I think you have to remember that. He said very strongly yesterday that he is innocent. You will have to talk to him about that.”

Both Porter and Sorensen were married twice (a mistake).

Sorensen’s first wife, Mauranda Stahl, doubted the account of his second wife, Jessica Corbett. Stahl had never known him to be violent or abusive. But Corbett’s close friend, John Bremer, a homosexual man, recounted “vivid and intense calls” from her and assumed that “this was a woman who was going through abuse.”

Sorensen released a 12-page statement denying his ex-wife’s accusations and asserting instead that she verbally and physically abused him – pointing out “the grossly underreported and unacknowledged issue of female-on-male domestic violence.” He also said she’s a deceptive person and a Never Trumper.

People must realize that human beings disagree and fight in situations, especially in marriages. We have to deal with both sides: Much of the time the woman is the aggressor, especially now, given the legal bias against men and the social acceptability of women hitting men and children.

At my nonprofit, BOND, I have counseled many men falsely accused by women of rape, “sexual assault” or “domestic violence.” These accusations grow especially nasty in divorce or custody cases. Women often lie to get more money, to get the children, to be vindictive toward men and to distract from the things that they as women did wrong.

Last year on my talk show, “The Fallen State” (now available on WND TV and YouTube), I interviewed documentary filmmaker Cassie Jaye, a young ex-feminist who rejected feminism after investigating the Men’s Rights Movement in her movie “The Red Pill.” She discovered that men are about equally likely as women to be domestic violence victims, but the media and public policy unfairly favor women and cast women as the primary “victims.” One man whom she interviewed said police told him that if his wife breaks a fingernail hitting him, they’ll arrest him!

Remember the liberal media, including liberal icon Oprah Winfrey, celebrated a black woman as “hero mom” and “mother of the year after she was caught on news camera publicly yanking and slapping her teenage son for participating in the Baltimore riots and throwing rocks at police. What they ignored is that this mother, Toya Graham, raised her son to behave exactly as he did. The angry rebellion from her son, Michael Singleton, came from her impatience – not from “racism” or “police brutality.” In their phony liberal “empathy,” the media overlooked that this woman had six children and no husband – a typical, angry, single black mother.

The black community has been destroyed because evil has made black men near worthless. The government under Lyndon B. Johnson made it easy for men to walk away from their responsibility to their wives and children. The corrupt feminist laws and culture embolden women to drive men out of the home and separate children from their fathers. When I grew up in Alabama, black men worked and set an example in the home. Today, the average black man isn’t worth a dime. He’s lost his natural desire to support his family.

Evil attacks men because men represent Christ in the home and on earth. A man’s natural role in life is to provide for himself, and his wife and children if he has them, and lead them in the right way. When you take away the ability of a man to make a living for his family, you leave him with next to nothing – almost no reason to live.

Feminists hate men, and they’ve finally found a way to destroy white men: Simply accuse them of “assault” or “abuse.” Whether it’s true or not, they’ll resign or be forced out of their job. This is evil. It should serve as a warning to anyone who supports the wicked “Me Too” or “Time’s Up” movement. Consider your children, your husband and male family members. Think about the world we live in. Most men don’t have a chance when they’re accused.

Popular radio and TV host Ryan Seacrest wrote an op-ed in Hollywood Reporter after he faced false accusations. Of course, being politically correct, he applauded the “bravery” of women who accuse men. But he’s wrong. These women who accuse men either falsely or to take revenge – to hurt men – will have hell to pay in life for hating their fellow man.

Written by Jesse Lee Peterson

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4 Responses to “Me Too Movement; Destroy The Man, What happens to the Family?”
  1. tamara havard says:

    White men make laws to elevate whore men and disadvantage all others. Out courts take 15% of a white mans avg monthly income and 100% of a single mother’s or McDonalds employee and its called normal, though its pure evil. The devil comes to steal kill and destroy. That’s exactly what whore men have done in this nation. No voice, no jobs, no money or property for ANYBODY but white men. That’s hope this nation was for hundreds of years. Evil white men still rule our laws, police, courts, water, electric, fuel etc. This is pure evil. No one else has ever been allowed to speak. Still are not in many places. Cops shoot blacks in the back and encourage wealthy white men to commit more crimes. I speak from knowledge and experience. Where are the women who dominate and control jobs, voices, rights, etc? How do women abuse to gain power. White men inflict PTSD in the masses and then act like the victims are evil for being angry. Why don’t we see the death count if some are raping and killing. My p.d. and prosecutor demanded the death of a domestic violence victim. They got 3. The mother and daughter of his slave and the lone ranger cop who showed up. So u say that white men are being enslaved by women? Why don’t the numbers show it. There are plenty of dead natives, blacks, and women. More women died on America soil at the hands of partners than soldiers in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Then add the uncountable acts of war with rape. We have always punished the trafficked in this nation, never the buyers because their white men. That’s why the sexslaves and domestic slaves cannot navigate their way out. The laws are a farce. The cops are evil and stomp the victims to hell. We have always locked up the victims who cry out. I am a white woman,studied in history and scripture. White men are what scripture calls evil but they say its those who break their evil rules. My studies show that evil white men dare like demons from hell who will never stop abusing everybody in this nation until God does enact revenge. And He will do as He says. Poor pitiful white men who rule and dominate all with the ways of Satan.

  2. john doe says:

    Sick of all the me too bull shit half these bitches are lying and ive had some lie on me before to. if u are a powerful white man right now u better just retire and run with ur money cuzz a lawsuit is coming if u like it or not these bitches need money and twitter just gave any woman a chance to get it. rose released a sex tape to try to fix her career, when that failed she became the face of this bullshit movment and achieved her goal of getting money for being a whore. you knows damn well she sucked harveys dick willingly for a roll in a movie and I’m sure she did it for other people to.

  3. M Anthony says:

    The MeeToo Movement is dangerous because it bypasses due process for the court of public opinion instead. Should we start the lynchings next week? Furthermore, the Mee Too Movement is based on allegations and unproven. There is a reason the courts afford a person (even a man) the presumption of innocence. Some men are guilty but some women are liars.

  4. M Anthony says:

    Jesse you are a Sambo traitor to your own race. You don’t speak very well and white people are using you, not standing with you. They have no regard nor respect for people who turn on their own. I was just speaking with a group of middle class suburban whites recently who agree.

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