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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Rahm Emanuel And The Chicago Killing Fields! (Part 1)

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(ThyBlackMan.com) ETHNIC CLEANSING is the systematic forced removal of a ethnic or religious group from a given territory by a more powerful ethnic group often with the intent of making it ethnic homogeneous .THE forces applied may be various forms of migration, deportation, POPULATION TRANSFER , intimidation as well as mass murder and genocidal rape.ETHNIC cleansing is usually accompanied with efforts to remove physical and cultural evidence of the targeted group in the territory through the destruction of homes social centers , farms and infrastructure and by the desecration of monuments , cemeteries and places of worship. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_cleansing


THIS story can be easier to explain if we have some knowledge of the history of PALESTINE and the founding of the state of ISRAEL because unfortunately this is where it all began, RAHM EMANUEL’S father BENJAMIN was a member of a JEWISH terrorist group known as the IRGUN, during the 1940’s they and another group the STERN gang bombed the famous king david hotel in JERUSALEM that killed over 100 people including many BRITISH military officers, they also tried to assassinate a U.N envoy who was trying to broker peace in the region but they’re best know for the massacre of the PALESTINIAN village of DEIR YASSIN in 1948 where the founding member of the IRGUN[VLADIMIR JABOTINSKY] admitted they went from door to door slitting the throats of men ,women and children who were killed in a assault conducted by the IRGUN and other JEWISH terrorist groups in a attempt to cleanse the land of the PALESTINIAN presence , this was the foundation of the first JEWISH state. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deir_Yassin_massacre

THE RAHM appears to be much like his dad, he’s a hardened ZIONIST a duel ISRAELI citizen that served in the ISRAELI defense forces [IDF] and also has a reputation of being a tough JEW,he’s been nicknamed the ‘godfather’ and he induces fear in his political enemies and also openly boast the it was he who discovered OBAMA,much has been written about the RAHM but the best quote I could find was the war journalist PAT DOLLARD who described the RAHM in theses terms ‘ RAHM EMANUEL is the devil, he’s a… GOEBBELS a MENGELE a perfect CROMWELL who would without the faintest evidence of hesitation washing across his face for even a millisecond order and even personally execute every human being he and OBAMA perceived to be a enemy of the regime and if you ever personally offended him and he had the opportunity to kill you, he would probably do it by starting with your children as you are made to watch’.


THE partnership between black leadership and the JEWS have proven to be catastrophic to the rest of black AMERICA and we can find no clearer example than our leaders conspiring with the JEWS to militarize AMERICA’S law enforcement , most of us probably wouldn’t know that almost all of AMERICA’S major cities police departments are in fact trained in and by ISRAEL and with the full knowledge and cooperation of black leadership, black mayors, police chiefs and even the CBC some of whom even visited ISRAEL , this is not just negligence and or irresponsibility because the state of ISRAEL is known throughout the world as serial human rights violator and the hundreds of U.N. resolutions past against them but mainly its a racist repressive state.

IT doesn’t take a genius to know that if you allow your police department to be trained by a nation that has over 60 years of practice and experience of military occupation , ethnic cleansing and the dehumanization of another people and then unleash these trained police onto a population of black people what the results would be. https://aladinsmiraclelamp.wordpress.com/2016/07/11/human-rights-chicago-police-adopt-israeli-tactics/

AND that’s not worst part of the story back in 2014 REP. ALAN GRAYSON introduced a amendment to stop the pentagon program [1033] that was issuing millions of dollars of military grade equipment to the local police departments, places like CHICAGO have been given thousands of pieces of military grade equipment http://abc7chicago.com/news/widespread-militarization-of-illinois-police-forces-uncovered-by-i-team/259740/ and the amendment was introduced to stop the process of turning the black community into live fire war zones but it was our own black leaders that help defeat the amendment with only 7 of the 41 members of the CBC voted in support of it, thereby making our own leadership complicit in the militarization of the police in our communities and they now have the blood of our people are on their hands. http://theweek.com/speedreads/446985/congressional-black-caucus-voted-preserve-police-militarization.

AS we witness this new found black militancy and the sudden concern of police abuse by our traitorous black leaders lets keep in mind that although they shouted the names of ERIC GARNER killed by NYPD and LAQUAN Mc DONALD killed by CHICAGO PD but they failed mentioned that both were killed by police departments trained by ISRAEL and this is no accident.


YOU can always tell when the JEWS have gained control of a place because they immediately turn the intelligence agencies into the secret police , the local police into street gangs and the jails into torture centers therefore it should be of no surprise to find our very own torture facility situated in the heart of black CHICAGO , our people were beaten , tasered , raped and some even killed.

BLACK AMERICANS were subjected to harsh interrogations while chained to walls for hours on end, they were denied access to counsel and phones and their location were unknown to family or anyone else they were simply disappeared and also many were pressured to become informants, this what happens when ISRAEL trains your police.

IF all this sounds familiar its because these are the same torture stories we’ve heard from the PALESTINIANS and the rest of the third world only this time its us and if anyone is asking how could anything like this happen in AMERICA with very little outcry from black leaders , I can only tell you that the answer you finally come up with will be what they think of us. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/oct/19/homan-square-chicago-police-disappeared-thousands

Staff Writer; Robert Jordan

Official website; http://TheAfricanSpear.com

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