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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Entrepreneur Amit Raizada Echo Fox Investment Partners.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Established in 2015 by Rick Fox, Echo Fox is an eSports franchise Echo Fox is a professional eSports organization that is currently owned by Vision Venture Partners (VVP), a California-based private firm that was formed by Rick Fox,Amit Raizada and Stratton Sclavos. Here is a quick look at each of VVP’s partners.

Rick Fox

Bon in 1969, Rick Fox is a three-time NBA (national basketball association) champion as well as an accomplished television actor and businessman. He founded Echo Fox in 2015 after purchasing Gravity Gaming, a League of Legends team, and rebranding it into Echo Fox. At VVP, Rick provides business development support, creative direction and strategic guidance to each of VVP’s affiliated companies.

Stratton Sclavos

Stratton Sclavos is a highly successful entrepreneur with vast experience in the technology and sports entertainment industries. He established himself as a formidable businessman when he served as the president and CEO of VeriSign, an Internet networking company. Following his resignation from VeriSign in 2007, Sclavos served on the boards of some of the best software development companies today including Intuit, which owns Turbo Tax and Mint programs, Juniper Networks, as well as Salesforce.com, a cloud computing service provider. However, when he relocated to Los Angeles, he relinquished these board positions, too. On the business front, Sclavos was a minority shareholder of the San Jose Sharks until 2013 when he sold his stake to Hasso Platner, the franchise’s majority shareholder. Currently, Sclavos is also currently the majority shareholder of TipTalk, one of the companies that now work with Echo Fox.

Amit Raizada

Since founding Spectrum Business Ventures (SBV) in 2002, Amit Raizada has bought and sold assets worth billions of dollars. Additionally, being an experienced equity fund manager, Amit has managed assets in diverse industries including food and beverage, eSports entertainment, finance, technology and real estate industries. At Vision Venture Partners, Amit provides direction and strategic development for VVP’s investment portfolio. Specifically, this includes performing due diligence, advising on growth opportunities, due diligence, risk mitigation and transaction structuring. Amit encourages outside-the-box thinking and the funding companies with big upside potential. What’s more, Amit believes that people the valuable asset in any business, and has a history of building synergistic teams, an invaluable quality for Echo Fox. Other than VVP and SBV, Amit has also successfully invested in financial and technology company including Store Financial Services, Select Quote, Verizon, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.


Echo Fox is a professional eSports franchise owned by Rick Fox,Amit Raizada and Stratton Sclavos through a private equity firm called Vision Venture Partners (VVP). Combined, these partners have vast business experience in diverse industries including the technology, sports entertainment and finance industries. As a result, each partner brings more than just financial investment to Echo Fox.

Staff Writer; Larry Jones

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