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Celebrate Him Also on Valentine’s Day.

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( We are around the corner from the holiday that easily becomes a contest of who loves who more. Relationships tend to go up in smoke around this time because he didn’t do enough, or what she suggested for Valentine’s Day. If the holiday is about love all parties involved should be celebrated. Granted there are some women that give wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts for their man, yet as a whole the holiday seems geared towards women. Brothers want to feel special and appreciated. We should not take for granted that men want to be celebrated in the “love fest”.

Many have argued that Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with love but that doesn’t stop thousands of women from wanting to be lavished with beautiful floral arrangements, and gifts. In some places there is a separate holiday whereby men are celebrated and loved on. The problem is those celebrations are local, and it is set aside for men in its origin. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about love…so no one should feel less than.

In the spirit of love, and equality, we ladies should take the time to think about what we want to gift to the love of our life on Valentine’s Day. Granted men don’t compete to see who had the largest flower arrangement at work, or the best chocolate selection. It’s important to cater the gift to the likes of your man. Outside of work, we tend to look forward to dinner, and some specialized gift that shows us how much he cares.

Some women have seen tennis bracelets, beautiful necklaces, diamond earrings, or the jewelry choice he knows she will love. In that same spirit engraved cufflinks, watches, or something you know he’s been looking at is a good choice. Some men love paraphernalia from their favorite sports teams, different beers they have never tried, or electronics that you know interest them…for some video games are a good choice. Whatever you choose to purchase should be something he will enjoy, and it will show the brother you were thinking of him. Appreciation goes a long way for all involved in the relationship.

Some of us have tight funds, so the thought behind the gift is what matters. With that being said, ladies we must be fair regarding monetary amounts. We can’t want it to be the thought that counts when we are spending, while he spends everything he has…and then some. He shouldn’t feel like he is competing with the men on your friends and co-workers, and neither should you.

This Valentine’s Day, should you choose to celebrate, make the day about the love you share with your significant other. Do something special, and enjoy special from him with it being solely about the beauty of what is the two of you. Let that love, kindness, and consideration last in your relationship far beyond simply Valentine’s Day into the realm of “Just Because”. In celebrating our men on Valentine’s Day to the expectation that we want to be celebrated lets him know he is not only loved, but valued.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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