Stop Supporting Emasculated Black "Men" Sellouts.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Stop Supporting Emasculated Black “Men” Sellouts.

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( I am so sick and tired of our brothers being punked into wearing a dress to make a dollar. I was inspired to write this article when my teenage son asked me to take him to Dale Bronner’s “church” to see Tyler Perry. Am I taking him? NO and I explained to both of my sons why on several levels. There are so many things wrong with supporting emasculated African American so called “men” that I neither have the time nor the space to explain them all. So I will get to the major points in this article. And if you are a brother who disagrees, you are as lost and clueless as the cross dressing sellout “men” who wear the dresses for money. So maybe you should wear one or put your son in one.

African American “men” who wear a dress are punked 

whore sellouts who have traded their masculinity and identity for a dollar. They are ethnic prostitutes of the 

worse kind.

The worst thing you can do to an African American man (other than killing him) is to belittle him and take away his manhood – having people laugh at him, paying him to participate in his own emasculation and then charging African Americans to both support it and pay for it. Notice most of the African American “men” who put on a dress are comedians. That is because that very act is being laughed at – a covert, strategic move that Hollywood knows will keep you from taking the issue seriously as you should. Other ethnic groups are not laughing with our lost brothers and sisters, they are laughing at us. We might as well dance a jig and put on a black face to entertain massah.

Listen to Dave Chappelle

From slavery to now, British traitors have taken our ancestors away from our families, using our men as breeders on other plantations, raping and brainwashing our women, beating us physically, degrading us mentally, getting our women to participate in the condescending devastation, lynching us, blaming us, making us build a country founded by a bunch of Caucasians on the run, discriminating against us, treating us like trash, denying our rights, brutalizing us using police, guard dogs and water hoses, pushing homosexuality and abortion into our communities as this country systematically and strategically reduced our two-parent homes, disproportionately incarcerating us and now getting our people to laugh at the further destruction of the image of the African American man. This has to stop and punks need to wake up.

Today Tyler Perry is leading the whole punked and emasculated sell out pack. Wesley Snipes, Will Smith, Terry Kruse, Chris Tucker, Cris Rock, Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, Cuba Gooding Jr., Charles Barkely, Marlon and Damon Wayans, Shaq, Dennis Rodman, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy and others are just as lost, just as confused and just as much of sellout whores for a dollar. They have no concept of how their participation damages the African American community by sending a weak message and a poor example to young African American boys and men – man of whom grew up without their fathers in the house. And before you say “white men have worn dresses too”, as a priority I would say I am not concerned about the future of young “white” boys. An African American male who wears a dress for money might as well bend over.

I no longer support emasculated African American “men” who have sold out. The cost is far too high just to sit back and laugh.

I had to come to this knowledge and overstand the responsibility that each African American man has to himself, his God, his family, his community and his race. I was the biggest Eddie Murphy fan on the planet. I watched Snipes in every Blade movie, New Jack City and others. I clapped for Will Smith in Independence Day, Bad Boys and I Am Legend, to name a few. I enjoyed Chris Tucker in Rush Hour, Money Talks and Fridays. I liked Martin in Blue Streak, Bad Boys, Nothing To Lose and even House Party. But then I realized what all of them had to do to get there. I woke up and could no longer ignore that these actors had been broken to the detriment of the African American community.

Once manhood has been taken, rented, compromised or sacrificed, you can’t just simply put male clothes back on and think you have lost nothing. You are broken and lost a big part of yourself. See the emasculation.

Once Hollywood knew African American males would put on a dress for money, Hollywood knew these brothers were about compromising the images and role models of African American men if the price was right – and that is exactly what happened. They could be bought and they were bought and sold just like their ancestors in the days of slavery hundreds of years ago. But this time the auction block was cleverly disguised as a Hollywood sign.

As a people, African Americans are weak on spotting schemes and covert strategies being used against us. Far too many of our people won’t go that deep and many of those who do are paid off.

There has been and continues to be a deliberate and systematic scheme in this country by those with money, media control and power to degrade, destroy and deny the value of the African American man who dares to be a man and who refuses to sell his soul. That is what Dave Chappelle recognized when he turned down a multi-million dollar deal. I applaud Dave for taking a stand.

When your laughs support this emasculation, when your dollars contribute to this emasculation, when your children emulate this emasculation – you have directly contributed to the destruction of the African American male role model, his family, his community and his race.

For all practical purposes, if our own people cannot perceive a man as a man, he might as well not be one. If an African American male is willing to sell his soul, give up the consistency of his identity and abdicate the responsibility as a role model to his people, he ceases to be a man in the eyes of those people. And you can quote me on every bit of these statements. So I close by asking you how much is the example of a strong African American man who refuses to sell his soul, compromise real values or negate the responsibility to his people worth? It is priceless, rare and moving more and more towards extinction every day. Wake up people, wake up. Stand up, speak out and MAN UP!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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