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5 Ways To Escape From A Bad First Date.


(ThyBlackMan.com) When you’re choosing what to wear on your first date, thinking of an escape plan sounds like an excitement killer. Why would someone choose to run away from a date? But sometimes, all you need is an escape plan when you are dating a weirdo. Dating apps, WhatsApp chats, Instagram and Facebook profiles don’t give a clear idea of what kind of personality you are going to meet. So when a date is a total flop, there is only one option left – escape from the bad date.

Here you will find 5 ways to plot your exit strategy and leave in a polite way.

1. Make an exit strategy before you meet

Tell your best friend to call you after a certain period of time. Don’t treat it as an alarm to end the date. If you are enjoying the day, just speak to your friend casually but if you want to escape, just make it look like an emergency call. Tell the person you are meeting that you have to leave because something or someone needs your immediate attention and you can’t skip it. Make it look so natural. Use the right expressions and don’t simply make it look like a very big issue. You don’t have to act like the President’s assistant but make sure keeping your behavior and expressions balanced. Sound genuine when you apologize and get out of that mess. There are high chances that the person is never going to take interest in meeting you again.

2. Pretend to be sick for no reason

Say that you’re not keeping well and you may need to leave anytime if your health condition gets worse. Remember, signs of illness don’t necessarily have to be coughing and sad face. Instead, you can make the person feel that you are trying your best to deal with sickness but it’s overcoming your willpower to sit for a long time. During a date, if you feel like it’s time to leave as quickly as possible, keep your illness a mystery and make it obvious that your body is not supporting you and you are in need of a sleep.

3. Just be honest and tell the truth

There’s no point in sitting with a person you feel uncomfortable with. If you find that the person is a creep and you’re not feeling safe, just be honest and tell them that you don’t feel that you’re compatible and this date is not going in the way you expected. Just thank the person for the time and leave the place as soon as possible. Being honest and telling the truth may hurt the person but if you’re feeling that the limits are being crossed, then being honest is the only way to deal with such people. Your comfort and safety are more important than someone’s feelings.

4. By putting them off from being interested

Some people don’t feel comfortable in making up excuses or their excuses are more pathetic than the “dog ate my homework” excuse. If you don’t feel comfortable in lying, just start looking so dull that the person can feel that you are not enjoying the day. When you are meeting someone for the first time and you get the hint that staying for some more time is going to be worse, let your body language give signals that you are not interested. Those who yawn or sit idle, are obviously tired and are not worth spending time with. Using this tactic will surely make you look like a jerk, but hey! It’s better than sitting with that person.

5. Plan your date with a shorter activity

Even if you are thinking of spending the entire day with a person, plan it in a way that you can just come out of it any time. Ask them to meet you in a coffee shop or a restaurant where all you can do is just sit, talk and get up early. It is one of the easiest ways to end a bad date because if you see a good chemistry between you two, you can go with the other plans but if you don’t see that happening, it is better you meet and leave the place as soon as possible. In fact, you can share the same with your date as well, it’s a great way to help your date choose the same idea because when you spend some time together, you can mutually decide what to do next.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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