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Exercise: Stay in Your Lane.

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( It’s time we are realistic about fitness. If you are not an athlete, or fitness is not your profession, don’t beat yourself up that you can’t sculpt the body you want in record time. If you aren’t taking any supplements, but chose to engage fitness with a clean diet and workout consistency you will reach your goals. However, they won’t happen overnight. The problem is most of your video trainers, and gym enthusiasts are getting paid to be fit; some of them don’t understand the struggle of obesity.

Its unfortunate when they shame those that are dealing with weight, and health, challenges they have never faced. With that being said you know your body, and most people do not become unhealthy overnight. You didn’t go to sleep fit, and wake up overweight the next day. Holding on to this understanding is the key to patience which will be mandatory for consistency.

When you go back to the gym you will many people at various levels in their fitness journey its important to have a goal, and appreciate the work of others, without allowing it to make you feel depressed about your current state. Fitness is just as much a mental journey as it is physical one. Its easy to find yourself sidetrack by others with what you feel is the perfect body not realizing they aren’t the same body type as yourself. You want to focus on getting your body to the best state of fitness and health possible for you. Everybody won’t look the same when fit, so take this time to get comfortable with what is your body. If you can’t you will find that no matter how much weight you lose it will be difficult for you to see the progress even when the scale is clearly telling you progress is being made.

Having a trainer, and accountability support group, can help you stay on course. They are also key in you staying in your fitness lane. You aren’t trying to do the workouts of others that may have built up the strength for said workout while you are still working to build said strength. Trying to skip steps in gaining strength can lead to injuries that will cause setbacks in your fitness goals.

Once you and your trainer devise a workout that will work best for you stick to it. Trust the process. This can be very heard when you see what you want, and feel you will never get there. Remember the primary purpose for fitness is to increase your quality of living via your health.

Don’t let anyone put your body down when you are working on a goal. Body shaming is terrible, and unfortunately a part of our society. You must remain focused on your lane, and run your race. It will not be easy…there will be days your body ache, and you will want to give up. Getting into shape is one of the most grueling tasks you will embark upon, but it is rewarding beyond measure. Respect where you are, and work towards where you want to be.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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