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Top 4 Ways To Boost Your Fitness Results.

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(ThyBlackMan.comIf you feel like you’ve been following your fitness plan to a tee, but still aren’t seeing great results, you may be glad to hear you’re not alone. Are you sick of putting countless hours and effort into your workouts and diet plan and still not achieving the body you deserve?

Well, there could be a few crucial steps that you’re not getting quite right. We’re about to take you through some of the main reasons why you’re not seeing amazing results from working out.

  1.  Workout Plan

Anyone who’s serious about fitness and making real changes to their body should be following some type of plan. You don’t even have to follow it step-by-step but having a guideline to go by is crucial. Too often, people enter the gym and wonder around to whatever piece of equipment is free.

This will not work out well for results in the long run. Coming into the gym and knowing what exercises you’re going to do can boost your motivation. For example, a typical chest day routine may begin with bench press. Having a plan will give you an idea of the kind of weight you want to be hitting, and for how many reps and sets.

A plan also enables you to schedule in workouts during a busy timetable, meaning you’re less likely to skip the gym due to time constraints as you’ve already planned it out – there’s no excuses!

  1.  Rest More!

This may seem counterintuitive, but stick with us here…

If you’re working out hard every day of the week and giving your body a beating, you’ll become less and less effective in the gym. When you put your body in a constant state of stress through working out and not taking enough rest days, performance decreases, and you end up setting yourself back more!

Not to mention the fact that you’re more likely to injure yourself too. Therefore, we recommend aiming for two rest days per week. This time spent resting is when your body actually develops the most, especially if you’re trying to build muscle.

  1.  Change Things Up Once In A While

A lot of the time, when people find something that works well, they stick to it and don’t want to try anything else. While this can be a good and simple approach to fitness, you may find, that after numerous months of doing the same thing, the results come to a sudden halt.

For instance, you may have been walking on the treadmill on an incline for 45 minutes every day, and the weight loss results were great. But after a couple months, you realize the weight on the scale isn’t moving anymore. In this case, you could try simply walking for 15 minutes extra each time, or change up the cardio completely.

You could start running on the treadmill or doing high intensity interval training (HIIT). This variety in routine simply provides your body with a new stimulus to overcome and adapt to, and as a result, you can carry on seeing results.

  1.  Ramp Up The Intensity

Intensity can be a difficult thing to measure, especially for people who are just starting out. Anyone looking to build muscle should seek out training partners who are bigger and stronger. It gives you the chance to see how they train up close, and it will also make you realize how much more you really have in you.

If you’re someone looking to improve their fitness, it’s worth purchasing some equipment, such as a heart rate monitor, to get a better idea of how hard your heart is working. You’ll quickly notice the difference between a moderately intense workout, and a high-intensity workout. The more effort you put in, the better the results will be!

Start using these tips today to boost your results in the gym and achieve the body and fitness levels you want!

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