Monster Hunter: World Beta, New Monsters, & DLC Details Revealed.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Monster Hunter: World Beta, New Monsters, & DLC Details Revealed.

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( The Monster Hunter: World Beta is scheduled for January 19. Recently, Capcom shared new details about elder dragons and released two trailer videos. Monster Hunter: World releases on January 26, 2018, and it will give tough competition to Dragon Ball FighterZ. The latter is Bandai Namco’s ambitious project developed by Arc System Works. The same people who worked on BlazBlue and Guilty Gear series are working on Dragon Ball FighterZ. The game possesses a different visual style but mimics the same popular anime.

Monster Hunter: World Beta

Even though the full game is arriving this month, Capcom is allowing PlayStation 4 players to get hooked on with a beta session. The open beta is exclusively available for PS4 players and it is the final testing of the game before it arrives. The beta file will be over 5GB in size. Players can preload the file a day before the official beta testing kicks off.

Players will also be able to earn some collectibles during the beta session. Those who will complete a quest in the beta, the quest rewards will be available in the final game as well. Along with that, players will also be able to carry some consumables in the final game. There will be several quests in the final game and to complete one of them, you will have to defeat the elder dragon. It’ll be a good trial of the game before it launches on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Elder Dragons

The latest trailer showcases two monsters returning to the upcoming game. The Kushala Daora and Teostra are two elder dragons which are revered as gods. Capcom also teased a new monster which is most likely going to be an elder dragon, a subcategory of the monsters featured in the upcoming game.

The steel dragon Kushala Daora has a body covered in steel plates. The monster has the power to generate wind storms around itself to keep hunters away. Another dragon Teostra is one of the most dangerous creatures in the game. It is hard to defeat as the dragon spits blazing fire. There will be a dragon called Dodogama and it possesses unique abilities. The dragon eats rocks and with his saliva, it can turn rocks into explosives.

You can easily recognize many dragons depending on how they appear. They have wings, legs, and arms, but you will get to see that some of them have different shapes. These dragons are some of the biggest challenges in the Monster Hunter: World and they cannot be beaten easily. These dragons usually go away and you will come across some of them multiple times in different quests until you defeat them. These dragons will retain the damage caused by the player making it easier for the players to defeat them in multiple encounters. The guild is there in the game to track these monsters. We hope to see more dragons in the final game and most of them are likely to bring extreme difficulties for players before the players reach the final battle with the boss.

Capcom has confirmed that the game will be supported for a long time and just like many other games, the Monster Hunter: World will receive DLC packs. The first downloadable content pack will include new monsters for players to hunt. The developer has also revealed that Deviljho will be returning. It is a monster which we have seen in the previous titles. The DLC pack will arrive sometime during spring this year and Capcom also released a trailer sharing details of the DLC pack.

Monster Hunter: World will let players play solo, but the game will be limited to online only. So even if you don’t feel like playing in a group, you will be logged in. The good thing is this time solo play will be available for all the PlayStation 4 owners. Earlier the feature was available only for the PlayStation Plus subscribers and many fans criticized this decision in the previous beta sessions.

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