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Yo-Yo Dieting is Not Safe.

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( Many are looking for a way to lose weight, and the common thought is you want it done quickly. It is true, you didn’t gain weight overnight and it won’t be lost overnight. Exercise is a reality many have begun to accept to be a necessity in the quest to lose weight. It is also understood that how you eat is just as important, if not more, than your workout regimen. However, the problem lies in dieting verses changing your eating habits.

Healthy eating must be a lifestyle for you. This doesn’t have to be boring, and tasteless, but it needs to be consistent. The truth is the food we ought not eat either taste really good, or it is comfort to us because it reflects our upbringing. Turning to diets can actually harm your body.

It is not uncommon for people to jump from diet to diet trying to find a system that would melt the pounds. Nutra System, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, the Adkins plan, and now Ketogenics are just a few of the mainstream diet options our there. Some have even gone as far as trying diets where you eat specific foods at certain meals everyday…you will be hungry but it guarantees you to lose a set number of pounds a week. There have also been liquid diet plans that promise a set number of pounds lost after a few days. All of this over time can be very damaging to the body.

Of course, if you are consistent, over time, you will see results from many of the diets you can try. However, the moment you get off that system and start eating regular food you notice the weight you lost returns, and more with it. This can cause deep depression, and in that state more harm is done as the eating can become overindulged and wreckless.

Diets can alter your body’s balance, so constantly switching can cause internal damage. Adkins, and Ketogenics are not diets one should engage in without full understanding of how they work. Because they can have an effect on insulin levels, and alter how the body burns fat you speak to your doctor before starting them. When losing weight is the goal it is very important to realize this is a marathon process, not a sprint. You will have to be patient with yourself, and employ disciple and consistency to reach your weight loss goals. It is not merely the goal to lose weight, but you want to maintain the losses. Work on establishing a nutritious, balanced eating lifestyle that is best for your body.

Speaking with a dietician can help you achieve the meal regimen you need to help build healthy eating habits. Doing this for yourself will help maximize your time in the gym as now your food intake is working together with your physical fitness. This will allow you to see consistent progress, and feel better about yourself on your journey to the body you want.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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