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Friday, April 27, 2018

The Handling of Dr. Umar Johnson is a Tale of the Past.

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( We have not seemed, as a people, to understand why the need for unity is great. It seems we don’t quite understand that one thing oppressors sought was a way to separate our people, and disfunction was the best method. If we can’t work together we are no longer a threat. With that being said the white people that would oppress us, and others, have done a splendid job of planting the seeds of distrust, and dissension, to the point that we destroy each other. We are not able to handle issues, and disagreements, without trying to put knives in each other’s backs, and hearts. Unfortunately, this is a battle that has been with us since the plantation, and we must all take account of ourselves individually if we are to heal collectively. The fighting amongst leadership when they feel a leader has gone to far, they disagree, or they have caused injury works its way down to the people and the fight becomes devastating. At some point we need to recognize the tactics used to destroy us, and find a different method to deal with our people.

Dr. Umar Johnson is a source of controversy among many black scholars, leaders, and the people in general. Many have questioned if he really has a doctorate, if he has been stealing money from the people under the guise of building a school, and many have wondered if any of his credentials are valid. Some label him a charlatan amongst our people. Whether or not you agree with every position Dr. Umar Johnson takes he is a threat to the establishment, and yes, he does have a doctorate. He’s a threat because he makes an argument that could impact the prison pipeline. He looks at the effects of medicating our young boys in school, focuses on mental health, and is willing to fight the establishment for their right to education.

For those brothers and sisters that had a hand in him having to stand trial, to defend his license, before the Pennsylvania State Board of Psychology they must ask themselves are they willing to take up his work, and was the issue the people seem to have with him handled properly. I am in no ways implying that Dr. Umar Johnson is without fault in areas that the people have concern, he has had serious lapses in judgment, and didn’t handle the doctorate inquiry well at all. With all of that being said…his position on homosexuality in the black community, and interracial racial relationships add what makes him a threat. Whether we like him or not contributing to the establishment taking him down was not a wise choice, but it wouldn’t be the first time scholars and leaders have tried to destroy each other.

It important to remember the reason the authorities were able to get Marcus Garvey is because some black people turned him over. Fighting over ideology, and what would be the best course for black people, and he was betrayed by his own. Garvey was obviously a threat. He advocated leaving America, supporting each other, and dealing with each other as he saw white people as detrimental to blacks. If only we could question the leaders of the past, W.E.B. DuBois included, and ask them if there could have been a better way of managing all of their ideas that would have put the people first verses their egos. Even the greatest of our minds have fallen victim to trap of division. Some have allowed themselves to be used as agents to help silence those considered as threats.

The bottom line is no one wins when leaders, and scholars decide that they can’t deal with issues that concern the people without destroying one another. There is always more than one method to get things done so leadership must find a way to put egos aside and work together. The lack of unity at the top spreads throughout the community like a disease. Those that would hold the title of leadership, regardless of capacity, can’t speak to the masses about unity while they are willing to turn their own people over to those that would destroy us. The people must realize even if you can’t stand Dr. Umar Johnson…turning him over to those that would oppress all of us does more harm than good. This cycle of self-destruction must end if we are to truly achieve the unity that can heal, and uplift, our people.

Staff Writer; Larry Jackson

LJ is an old school poet, new school writer… Also the “Web Admin” for the following blogs; ThyBlackMan, ThySistas, and BlackFitness101

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