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The Do’s and Don’ts of parenting in 2018.

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(ThyBlackMan.comThink about it, you are not just raising a kid who is going to live with you but you are raising a human being. The kid will see you, listen to your talks and behave according to what he learns at home. A kid is a reflection of your parenting skills and also a reflection of what kind of a person you are. Make sure that you give the right parenting to your kids. Many times you have to teach your kid what “no” means. As a parent, you have to be strong and stick to your words. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts of parenting that might help you.

1. Inconsistent standards of living

Parents always want to give the best to their children, but sometimes they forget their limits and their standards of living become inconsistent. Raise your child in consistent, manageable standards of living. Sudden changes in lifestyle can leave the kid puzzled.

With a consistent living standard, your kid will understand what you can afford and what you cannot. It’s not about putting limitations on your kids’ dreams, but to make them see the reality of life from the beginning.

2. Be consistent with values and morals

Practice what you preach. Teaching good habits and developing good thoughts in your kids is a must, but do you show them how to follow those values? You must walk the talk to sow the seed in their heart. If something is against the family values and morals, make it very clear that you really don’t appreciate such behavior. When your kids throw tantrum over not getting things their way, give them choices but make sure you do not compromise with the values and morals.

3. Treat them according to their age

Your kid is growing up and you should too. Don’t treat your kids like the way you used to treat them a year ago or two. Having concerns for safety and comfort of your child is good, but do they really need exactly what you are giving them? As you age, your talks with your kids should get better and there should be more maturity in your discussions. This way, you are not only taking the thought process of your kid to the next level, but you are also coming out of that tape recorder personality where you discuss same things over and over again.

4. Pay attention to their lifestyle changes

Don’t live like a detective or a spy, but learn to observe the changes in your kids and do it with a neutral mindset. A change in behavior doesn’t necessarily mean that your kid is on a wrong track. Always remain unbiased when you analyze the changes. With age, knowledge, and surroundings, kids start taking interest in certain activities, people, and habit. All you need to do is to make sure that they are choosing what’s right for them. If they need help, you help them make a right choice.

5. Say “do it yourself” in the right way

Making your kid independent is one of the greatest moments of parenthood, but you should know when to set them free to make decisions and when to stand with them in support. When it comes to education and career, kids want their parents’ help in choosing the right path. There are many situations when parents want kids to make their own decisions and they feel proud of it. When kids are under pressure to make a choice without help, they choose what looks right to them. Such decisions may or may not be well-informed and kids may end up failing badly because of a wrong choice.

Parenting is easier if you can maintain positivity. Of course, there will always be challenges, but as long as you are justifying the role of an ideal human being, everything will be fine. They see you and they learn from you.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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