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The Inpatient Trailer Shows off the Top Things You Need to Know.

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( If you have not been following up on the development of Supermassive’s psychological horror VR game, The Inpatient, the studio has revealed some new details about the game. Here is a list of things you need to know about the game coming exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

The Inpatient is a prequel to the studio’s Until Dawn game. Set 60 years before the events of Until Dawn, the game takes players to a familiar location the psychiatric hospital. The game is a PlayStation VR title and it focuses on immersive horror. Players take the role of a patient and explore the Blackwood Sanatorium.

If you are not familiar with Until Dawn, you won’t have to play the old game to understand the upcoming game’s storyline. Supermassive has linked these two events very well. The developer said that all the characters and events in both the game are different, so those who have not played Until Dawn won’t be feeling left behind and they will start this experience from zero. The story and whole cast of the game’s new character make it easy for the new players to join this horrifying journey. It’s pretty impressive that the developer has linked two games in a way that players don’t need to be familiar with the story.

When asked about how the studio did this, the developers revealed that the narratives are linked in a way that the balance can be maintained. In Until Dawn, you will find that the hospital has a ruined area called the sanatorium. There was nothing to show in this particular area, but when we look into the history, 60 years ago, there was so much in this place. People work here and the ward is completely functional.

The Inpatient game follows a single protagonist and you can play the game completely in the first person perspective. This decision was made to keep the game in compatibility with Sony PlayStation VR headset. Players will be listening to the mysterious man Jefferson Bragg who is the owner of the sanatorium. Just like the Until Dawn game, players’ choices will have consequences and those choices will dramatically affect the game’s story and the lives of all the characters. The Blackwood Sanatorium is the primary location in the upcoming game. The sanatorium features different floor levels and contains different wards, a morgue, a clinic, and offices of different staff members and security offices.

When you begin the game, you meet Bragg who says that he’s on your side and he is trying to help you. But there’s something fishy about this man and he doesn’t seem to be a trustworthy guy. Eventually, you discover more about yourself and why you are kept in the sanatorium. When you progress in the game, you will get to meet many characters including the hospital staff members and patients. These people have their own agenda and you will have to understand their motivation when you interact with them. Depending on your reactions to these people, you will face dramatic consequences.

The Inpatient is not your normal horror video game. It is very much different than the Until Dawn and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. It challenges you on a psychological level. The game doesn’t bring you jump horror elements. Most importantly, it’s a virtual reality game which offers a great sense of immersion. The ability to control movements is something that makes it appealing as we have seen in the trailer how players can use hand movements to take control of objects in the game.

The Inpatient is scheduled for January 24, 2018, release. The game will be exclusively available on the PlayStation VR. It is one of the most anticipated titles and is expected to be a big VR hit in 2018.

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