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Go to the Gym in 2018.


(ThyBlackMan.com) Every New Year fitness enthusiasts fuss about the crowding in the gym at the beginning of the year. Some people that don’t work out regularly, or have backslidden in their health goals, feel uncomfortable going to the gym in January. They are reminded that most people that make fitness resolutions won’t keep them, and in a matter of two or three months the gym will be back to its regular limited crowd. Though this may be true why must others be discouraged from at least trying to make the changes needed to be fit. We never know who will start in January, and hold fast to their commitment to a healthier life. The bottom line is some that live in the gym, can be so ugly to new comers that the environment is no longer healthy.

To the person that is thinking about getting a gym membership, and hitting that treadmill January 2, 2018…GO TO THE GYM. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel that you are merely taking up space, or that your fitness needs are not serious because you’re are just starting. Truth be told we all know that gym memberships aren’t affordable for everyone, but at the beginning of the year you find a lot of rated that may work for your budget. It’s important that you understand everyone that would speak against you had to start somewhere. Some of them were once just like you…unhealthy, and needing to make some life changes.

The hypocrisy of it all can become a true headache, but remember no one knows you and why you are there. Yes, maybe you started going to the gym, was consistent for a while, and then fell off. You may have stop going due to a lack of discipline and focus. However, you may have experienced some hardships this year that you found difficult to navigate. Basically, others that see you don’t know your story so set your resolve, and work towards your goals.

To those that are in the gym…if you aren’t an encouragement please be quiet. You are applauded for being dedicated to fitness, but you didn’t get there over nite. If you know exercise is needed for healthy living you should be encouraging people to remain diligent to their goals. What you may not understand is some people that are unfit come to the gym, see you, and want to be just like you. There may be someone that sees your work ethic as a silent motivation. Don’t destroy that for them with your negativity. Furthermore, we all have something that is a battle for us. Your battle may not be fitness…but it may be something else. Unless you are fully committed to everything in your life you have absolutely no room to talk.

If you have decided to make a healthy change in your life don’t let anyone discourage you. Get in that gym, and get the body and health you need and want. Truth be told, I fell off in the area of fitness this year too. So much has happened, but I will be right there with you in the gym working towards better health. No one will make me fell shamed when I walk into the gym January 2, 2018. I paid for it so I’m using my membership. Let’s go get fit in 2018.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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