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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hood Villianz.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Everywhere I go, I see plenty of hood villianz in my hometown from pigs, lawyers, politicians, judges and other rich paid house negroes that always sell us short by collaborating with the colonial state to say and do things to keep us down and oppressed.

Hood villianz come in the form of regular house negroes that often attack our community and blame our community for our own oppression by saying things like “If we don’t raise our kids in a certain way or if they behaved, then they wouldn’t have to worry about getting killed or incarcerated” or “the reason why the police gun us down in the streets everyday because we don’t respect ourselves”

Hood villianz come in the form of house negro pigs who willingly carry out the dirty work of the colonial state by not only continue to oppress and kill us, but to also protect the material interest of the colonial ruling class at the expense of the poor working class urban community.
Hood villianz come in the form of house negro politicians like Obama (a guy I never liked by the way) who carried out the work of U.S. Imperialism by not only bombing Africa and other oppressed countries, but he also signed a “Blue Alert Bill” that protects murderous pigs from threats and attacks made against them. He also referred to working class urban youth in Baltimore who were fighting back against the police as “criminals and thugs” He was also one of the main people in his imperialist administration responsible for the assassination of ex-Libyan leader that recently brought back the slave trade to that country.

Hood villianz also come in the form of house negro judges that are complicit in the mass incarceration epidemic imposed on urban communities across the the country by giving young urban people egregious sentences for mostly nonviolent drug offenses in particular. Along with the house negro lawyers and pigs, the house negro judges too also benefit from the oppression of our community.

Hood villianz even come in the form of many negro preachers and other rich paid house negroes in the community who sellout the community for the superficial, materialistic bullshit like the Ferrari, $3,000 Gold Rolex, Big Lavish Home, and even Big White Gated Fences while buying into this myth to be “successful”, they have to act, talk, and live like a white person.

Hood villianz are also the house negro lawyers who have also collaborated with the colonial state to continue the ongoing oppression of urban people by just locking them up without even caring about the people in our community that they’ve hurt because they are also deeply in bed with the status quo and they also profit off of the mass incarceration epidemic imposed on our community.

Hood villianz are also the exploitative opportunists in our community who profit off of our oppression, pain, and suffering like the Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons.

Hood villianz are also people in our community that hate themselves so much that they’ll bash our community as a way to “justify” their decision to date either Massa or Becky.

Hood villianz are ones who will never fight for true liberation for our people because they’ll be sitting on the sidelines while watching us fight for our true liberation.

Hood villianz also come in the form of those in our community who will go along with the police and colonial media’s slander against young urban kids who have been murdered by them and hood villianz also saying nasty and vile things about them in the comments section on either the colonial media website or on social media.

Hood villianz are also ones in our community who refuse to identify let alone embrace their blackness.

Hood villianz often claim that they’re “for our community”, but once you see them for who they truly are, then you realize that they don’t care about us for real because they only care about maintaining this corrupt and very toxic social system which requires the oppression of colonized people to even exist in the first place and to “keep up with The Joneses”

Hood villianz are those who get out of the hood and deliberately turn their backs on their own community and their own people.

Hood villianz are among those in our community who trade fighting for our community for working in the back pockets of corrupt big money politicians, big developers, and predatory gentrifying schemers.

Hood villianz are also ones in our community that defend and justify the pig squad violence against our community and by saying some dumb stuff like “having police is good for our community” when people in our community like myself know that they function as an occupying military force in our community.

Hood villianz also come in the form of those in our community who constantly shit on either urban men by saying “n****s ain’t shit” or shitting on urban women by saying “b*****s ain’t shit” based solely of negative biases they pump into their brain from colonial media.

The Conclusion – I DON’T root for everyone black because there’s a lot of black people who have aligned themselves with the colonial ruling class to keep us down and oppressed. All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.

Down with hood villianz, Up with revolution!!!

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

FB Page; http://www.facebook.com/joe.davis.165470



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