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The Hypocrisy of the Sexual Misconduct Witch Hunt.

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( As a survivor of sexual assault, I do not take the subject lightly. I understand the pain, scars, and nightmares as I live with them. I stand in solidarity with the women, and men, that are survivors of this heinous act. It diminishes the fight we face when sexual crimes become a witch hunt. The worse part of it all is the hypocrisy has reared its ugly head to the point that we no longer know who is a victim, and where the truth lies. Honestly, it doesn’t matter because allegations have become enough to career, so the truth isn’t necessary. Everyone accused is being tried in the halls of public opinion.

Furthermore, everyone doesn’t pay the same consequences. Some loose their career, and are publicly shamed for alleged behavior while others are promoted, and supported, for behavior we all know they committed. The unfairness of it all is unsettling as some things deemed as sexual misconduct happen on both sides of the gender card, but it seems only one side is apart of the hunt. Unfortunately, many women can look at this and see the discrimination that may come down the line, and there might not be a viable way to fight it.

Sitting in the coffee shop I watched a woman compliment man on his tie, as she ran her hand down his chest. What caught my eye was she didn’t ask him…she just began to caress this stranger as she spoke. I asked myself given the social climate does she realize what she’s doing is wrong? Who is doing to tell her this is inappropriate? It happens in the work place also…who is going to tell that woman her behavior is sexual misconduct, and she could lose her career? The problem is we know that might not happen. In order for sexual misconduct, sexual assault, and rape to be truly addressed in this nation all must be held to the same standard. If fairness doesn’t come into play eventually victims of these crimes will find the world more hostile towards them than it already is.

Furthermore, how can we be serious when America elected a president as been under investigation for sexual assault. How is it that Dr. Cosby’s career can be destroyed as he is drug in the media while Donald Trump goes on to be president. If you want to use Harvey Weinstein as an example of consequence we must be honest…he has not been ridiculed to the degree of Dr. Cosby. Again, this is to say if we want this taken seriously all must pay for this crime. The hypocrisy cannot continue if dealing with rape culture is to truly be effective. The hardest part of it all is women must come to terms with the fact that all women are not of the right side of this situation.

There are women that side with the abuser, there are women that will use this climate to enact revenge where they see fit, and the pain of all women will not be handled with the same level of care nor importance. Black women have been suffering from sexual crimes since the plantation, but it was not until white women of a certain class began to speak up that we see movement take place. Even if the movement begins with black women, such as #MeToo, we must endure watching white women hijack it for their purpose.

This fiasco is political, financial, and hypocritical. Those that live with the scars will watch life become increasingly difficult. Women and men that have survived are being forced to admit this is not a movement against sexual crimes…all many of us see is a profitable witch hunt.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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