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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Honor View 10 Beats OnePlus 5T But Fails To Create Magic.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Known as Honor View 10 globally and Honor V10 in China, the latest phone from Huawei is a OnePlus 5T killer. Equipped with better hardware and features, the new phone is set for global release in January 2018. The device has everything we expect from a phone in late 2017 but it fails to create magic on the ground.

The dearth of innovation in Huawei software for years has raised the interest among smartphone users for this device. People are paying attention and some of them are probably ready to pre-order the phone. The Honor View 10 comes equipped with a Kirin 970 processor which has been one of the most talked-about chipsets in smartphone industry this year. Huawei is putting so many efforts into artificial intelligence technology, and Kirin 970 is the finest example. It is the first AI processor in the smartphone world.

For its global variant, the company has added 128GB storage capacity with 6GB of RAM. There’s a 64GB variant available in China with 4GB and 6GB RAM options. OnePlus 5T also offers the same storage and RAM capacity, but the phone lacks microSD card slot. The View 10 supports the expandable memory of up to 256GB. The phone features a 16MP (f/1.8) + 20MP dual camera setup with AI-powered sensors. The front-facing camera is a 13MP sensor. The image quality meets the expectations and it is almost equal to what the OnePlus 5T cameras give you.

The Honor View 10 is a typical 5.99-inch phone in the six-inch display squad. The display quality is what you can expect from an LTPS IPS LCD screen – pretty good. The View 10 is a tall device given its 6.18 x 2.95 x 0.28-inch dimensions and its fingerprint sensor is placed at the front bottom which isn’t very comfortable. For the View 10, the company chose aluminium back and the design looks premium but not as eye-catching as the OnePlus 5T.

One thing the Huawei Honor View 10 has and many expensive phones lack, is a headphone jack. On the bottom of the phone, just next to the USB-C port, there’s a 3.5mm audio jack. The phone’s speaker is on the other side. Huawei has also kept infrared support on this device, a technology which is dying slowly in the smartphone world.

In terms of software, the View 10 is not a beast but it is far better than many Huawei phones. The device runs on Android Oreo with EMUI 8.0. The company heavily invested in marketing the phone as “your first AI phone” and it boasts facial recognition feature with intelligent notifications. How the AI-powered processor will affect your daily use, in the long run, is still a mystery but the growth of technology is a clear positive indicator of potential growth.

What’s more important for smartphone gamers and heavy app users is the phone’s in-built NPU (neural processing unit). It allocates resources depending on the way you use the View 10. Just like the other Huawei phones that come equipped with Kirin 970 processor, the View 10 also learns and understands patterns based on how you use your smartphone.

There’s an AI-based intelligent scanner that quickly scans content from pages. Huawei has also developed a Game Suite to help gamers get the best performance from their phone. Users can enable and disable a do not disturb mode while gaming to avoid calls and notifications during their gameplay. They can also choose to give their network a boost while gaming and there are dedicated options for gaming, normal and battery saver modes.

What makes it worth considering is the 3750mAh battery that easily lasts for a day. With some tweaks in power management system, the Huawei View 10 supports the quick charge and doesn’t require hours for a full charge.

Should you choose the Huawei Honor View 10? Yes, of course. It is better than many phones available in the same range. Buy the View 10 if you are not happy with the other few phones that support Oreo, come equipped with AI processor, and feature a big display.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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One Response to “Honor View 10 Beats OnePlus 5T But Fails To Create Magic.”
  1. George Jones says:

    Proud owner of a Honor View 10. With that no smartphone is perfect. For the price I when not dwell on the negative.

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