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I’m a Man and I Don’t Want to be Touched.

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( Sexual misconduct in the work place is a serious subject as many women are speaking out against said behavior. I believe they should speak out against such behavior without fear of losing their job, or any negative backlash. I also believe that no one should be excused from sexual misconduct in the workplace. It is very important to conduct oneself in a professional manner that is not offensive to others. This is not a fight tat can be waged, and won, when there is hypocrisy on the horizon. It is important that women, nor men, and made to feel uncomfortable in their place of employment. In order for everyone to have the opportunity to in an environment free of such behavior all must understand it has no place. Men need to understand as they ought not make women uncomfortable at work…. they too should not be made to feel uncomfortable.

We must take a moment to just be real. Many men work in offices whereby there are flirtatious women that enjoy touching their male co-workers. Society says she’s just being friendly, she’s just being personable, because she’s beautiful its ok, and since I’m a man I should enjoy her attention, or something is wrong with me. Well, as a man let me just say I don’t want to be touched at work. I don’t need extended hugs by which I’m filled up, and no hands need to run down my chest. Please don’t sit on the edge of my desk with legs crossed with that skirt that is guaranteed to distract me from work, and if I look I’m considered out of line.

There needs to be a push for professionalism, and that is needed across the board. Some of the accusations I have seen made are valid. The problem I have is it happens on both side, and it seems that men are the only party being exposed for sexual misconduct. I’ve sat back and observed women in high level positions make both men, and women sexually uncomfortable. However, if she is a woman she is always the victim, and the man is always the predator. This is not the truth in every situation.

This goes back to the school yard when we were little boys, and girls. Girls are to be respected, and under no circumstances is it okay to hit a girl. Every teacher, administrator, and even the parents are all in agreement with this. This sends a message to girls that their body, and space should be respected by boys. She is not to be touched by little boys. However, we don’t send girls the same message. I have a nephew that was beat up by a girl at school, and the school gave a slap on the wrist to a child that a history of beating on my nephew.

However, if he were to hit her back he would have been immediately suspended. Boys are not taught that their body and space is to be respected, and they grow into men that have internalized that lack of respect. You may wonder how this correlates. Well, just as girls can hit boys without full consequence, women and touch men at work at will without full consequence.

Everyone in the workplace needs to keep their hands, and sexually inappropriate comments to themselves. I have no business making comments about my co-worker’s body parts, and she shouldn’t speak on mine. If we are going to begin to go after those that are absolutely out of line in the workplace I’m all for it; I only ask that we are fair in our pursuit and rid the workplace of all who are guilty of sexual misconduct.

Staff Writer; Larry Jackson

LJ is an old school poet, new school writer… Also the “Web Admin” for the following blogs; ThyBlackMan, ThySistas, and BlackFitness101

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