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Be Careful on Your Cellphone.

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( It has become second nature to move about the day with the phone attached to us. Whether on a call, listening to music, tending to ones schedule, buying groceries for pickup, interacting with online banking, booking a flight, or chiming in on social media the cellphone is attached to our head or it has our eyes. We all know the risks of this kind phone interaction when we are driving, but we must consider how much we are distracted from our surrounding while handling the phone. The times we live in are dangerous.

There are more mass shootings, and they are happening at more random times and places. The holiday season is upon us, and with is comes an increase in theft and assault as a result of such. During this season, and now on a daily basis we must find a way to deal with our phones more while we are stationary. Moving about while handling the phone maybe something that we should consider a possible hazard.

All of us are not able to effectively multitask. It is obvious when people are walking from their car to the grocery store, and drives are slowing down, or stopping, because pedestrians are not looking up from their phone. They are literally crossing the street with their eyes glued to the phone. Upon entering the store, they try to navigate their shopping cart and keep up with their kids while remaining glued to the phone. It’s out of control when we are more attentive to the cellphone than we are to our very well-being.

This can cause us to lose children in the store, accidentally get hit by a car or run into thing we don’t see. However, it can also cause us not to notice we are being followed. The distraction can cause us to miss signs that we may be in danger hence catching us off guard. That can have far worse consequences for us, and our family.

We must strive to be in the moment. When we are out and about in the public we must be vigilant, and aware of the things around us. Not paying attention can cause us not to be able to give the police much needed information if we are the victim of a crime. Looking at post on Instagram or Facebook is not more important than knowing where you are, and tending to your wellbeing. If you must be in the phone…try to do so in a safe environment that doesn’t require your attentiveness.

Deal with your phone after you park, while you are in the car, and stationary. Once you get out try to pay attention to what you are going as you make it into the store. We tell children to pay attention when they are walking across the street. Its time many of us heed that instruction. If something were to happen to you or your child the phone will seem very insignificant in the moment. Don’t let it get to that point by simply being careful with your phone while moving about in the public.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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