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Final Fantasy XV DLC Episode Ignis: Introducing Ignis’ Battle Commands.

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( Square Enix has released a new trailer for the Final Fantasy XV DLC Episode Ignis. The video unveils Ignis’ battle skills. The DLC pack is scheduled for Dec 13 release and Final Fantasy XV will arrive on PC in early 2018. The trailer showcases different abilities of the character and the funny side of the DLC as well. If you haven’t watched the trailer, you should watch it and don’t miss watching the “Quick Recipeh” part.

In the DLC pack, the player will take control of Ignis. The character uses “spelldaggers” and also has a unique ability that helps him target multiple enemies. With the ability called Total Clarity, Ignis can launch an attack on multiple enemies at once. In the Final Fantasy XV DLC Episode Ignis trailer, the first skill showcased by the developer is Overclock. Ignis reaches the top of a building and a fireball is shown in his hand. He soon jumps off the building throwing fireballs on enemy monsters. It’s a superpower which most likely comes with a time limit. Ignis throws flames and also punches enemies with the fire in his hands.

The next command is high jump. Ignis holding a spear fights enemies and suddenly he makes a high jump. He goes up in the air and comes back causing massive damage to the enemies. The third one is called ‘quick recipeh’ which is funny. The trailer showcases Ignis cooking food during combats, and as long as he cooks, missiles and bullets don’t affect him. It looks like a joke but it clearly shows that Ignis can achieve immortal ability for a short period of time.

Final Fantasy XV DLC Episode Ignis will bring a new storyline in which we will be seeing Ignis fighting on the streets of Altissia. It’s the time when Noctis lost consciousness after the Trial of Leviathan. The DLC will also feature a new comrade Ravus. He will join Ignis and both of them will take the story to an end.

The new Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis DLC gives you up around two hours of gameplay if you choose to follow the main story only. As the city of Altissia is shown devastated, the prince is not safe among the rampaging Leviathan. Ignis wants to protect Noctis and while fighting on the streets, he meets Ravus Nox Fleuret, the commander of the Niflheim Empire. Ravus is searching for his sister Lunafreya and both the men realize that they need each other at this point. They team up to make sure that Prince Noctis and Lunafreya are safe.

Once after players clear the story, a new route will be unlocked for them. From there, players will again start following the flow of the original story of the game, but they will reach to a point where they have to take a route as Ignis makes a decision at that point. The route a player follows is a boss battle and is difficult than the other levels of the game. The story featured in this DLC pack is said to be the densest. Once after the players clear the story, they will be able to see a battle available against Noctis.

Yasunori Mitsuda has worked on the Final Fantasy XV DLC Episode Ignis as a special guest composer. He has worked for Square Enix on Xenogears and Chrono Trigger. For the Episode Ignis DLC pack, he has composed three tracks “Theme of RAVUS“, “A United Front” and the main theme. In an interview, the game director reveals how the game’s music was composed as in the early days, the studio was unable to finalize the name of the music composer. Finally, they chose Mitsuda and the music was composed by a professional orchestra.

Players on the Xbox One can purchase the game via the Xbox Live marketplace. PS4 players can make a purchase via the PlayStation Network store. The Final Fantasy XV DLC Episode Ignis is also available in the Season Pass.

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2 Responses to “Final Fantasy XV DLC Episode Ignis: Introducing Ignis’ Battle Commands.”
  1. Akio Matsuko says:

    Yes I purchased season pass and now I can get it. Eagerly waiting for Dec 13!!!! Love Square Enix and their sense of humor.

  2. Jonas Solano says:

    Wow! This is amazing. Waiting for PC release. I hope they release it soon.

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