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When Looking Good Makes You Feel Good.


(ThyBlackMan.comClothes can give us confidence, so this is the first stop if you feel like your self esteem is a little low. There’s no harm in admitting that, and we can quickly put any worries to ease if we fake it til’ we make it! Yet, men’s fashion is tricky to come across; there’s often less choice, less advice for dressing well, and whilst the sizings are less confusing compared to woman’s fashion, one size still does not fit all. So, if you’re looking for a few tips this winter on dressing smart to feel smart, and subsequently be a lot happier because of it, here’s some home made tips for you.

What to Wrap Around Your Top Half

A good button up never goes amiss, and can often be worn for any occasion when they’re the right colour and paired with the right shoes and slacks. Business casual is the best way to describe this kind of outfit, and you can always pop a waistcoat or blazer on top, which is the best way to spruce up a look for a more formal setting or a stylish night out.

Of course you don’t have to go the usual black, white, or grey suit style here, as reds, purples, and burgundies work wonders as well. You stand out more from the crowd, which is the original purpose of fashion, and it means you can put a little less effort into other things if you’re feeling lost on your motivation.

On Your Bottom Half

Trousers aren’t usually the first thing we notice about people, but if they’re a little more eye catching and our wardrobes are filled with good pairs, we’re bound to get compliments on them. Floral patterns, woven materials, and al fresco designs are all popular choices if you want to go a little outside the box.

We often think of looking good and feeling good as mutually exclusive, you suffer for your art after all, but it’s simply not true. You don’t have to lace up a belt extremely tight to keep a pair of trousers up or stop them from getting wrinkled by wearing above the ankles or with a cuban heel. For this reason alone you can buy some fantastic mens moleskins for a good fit that’s still comfortable. Using better materials in a design means they’re more durable and last a lot longer!

You can even use shorts to good effect with the right pair of shoes. We often see shorts as something to only go jogging in, but a set of casual loafers or boat shoes make this look go a long way to working in your favour. You look ready for fun, and good to hang out.

Look in the mirror everytime you want to put an outfit together; it’s a great esteem boost and makes sure you’re comfortable with what you’ve gone with. If we feel put together on the outside, we often feel a little more put together on the inside.

Staff Writer; Paul James

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