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Democrats will Retake Congress Because 2018 Spells: P-a-y-b-a-c-k!


(ThyBlackMan.com) America’s first billionaire president has remained devoted to the goal of placing his wealthy friends in his Cabinet, a top campaign promise: “I love all people, rich or poor,” Trump told a crowd of supporters at an Iowa rally in late June 2017. “But in those particular positions, I just don’t want a poor person.” The populist message he preached as candidate Donald Trump is long gone…therefore; his Cabinet appears to be the richest in modern U.S. history, worth nearly $4.3 billion in the aggregate. And it’s full of some of his oldest friends — and biggest donors.

Forbes first looked into the wealth of Trump’s Cabinet back in December, when candidates were still shuffling in and out of Trump Tower’s marble clad lobby in hopes of securing one of the two remaining Cabinet posts not yet named by Trump. Since then, both positions (the Secretaries of Agriculture and Veterans Affairs) have been filled. And one person, Secretary of Labor Nominee Andy Puzder, dropped out and was subsequently replaced.

Now, with Trump’s gilded Cabinet fully in place, the predominant question is: What are the true principles of each member and how much is he or she worth? Predictably, the revelations triggered created a public outcry that some were not qualified for the positions they now hold.

The latest bungle came on the heels of a series of other medical incidents, and raise concerns that the mishaps are more systemic than incidental. The attack on the American Healthcare Act (ACA) or Obamacare, has been relentless on the part of the Trump administration.

The medical professionals are now so overworked at public hospitals that patients regularly have to wait for hours before they see a doctor. By contrast, Hong Kong’s public system handles 90 per cent of patients while employing just 40 per cent of the doctors.

At times, patients and their families vent their grievances at public hospital doctors and nurses without noticing that hospital staffs are actually being stretched to the breaking point. Hence, the disgruntled and overloaded doctors move to greener pastures in the private sector, causing a constant shortage of manpower in public hospitals.

As a teacher of Economics and History somethings just don’t add up with regard to the “footprint” of this administration, therefore, the American people are waking up to these misplaced values that do not add up! The 2018 midterm elections will prove the undoing of the false promises dished out by the Trump administration. Consider this: The last two midterm cycles produced big wave elections for the party out of power in the White House. Democrats lost 63 House seats and seven Senate seats in 2010, during Obama’s first midterm, and Republicans lost 30 House seats and six Senate seats in 2006, during President George W. Bush’s second midterm. If history repeats itself the party in power; the Republicans, will suffer greatly at the ballet box in the midterm elections of 2018. Notwithstanding the fact that Donald Trump’s approval rating to this point is the lowest in recorded history. He has passed no major legislation or made good on any creditable campaign promise within the first 10 months of his scandal plagued administration.

The current palisade in American politics tries to prove the weakness of the Republican Party under Donald trump’s faults. Furthermore, with the ongoing weaknesses of the Trump government, there will be a change in the dominant party with the upcoming 2018 midterm elections proving that: “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time; but never both.” This writer, therefore, believes that Democrats will retake the Congress in the imminent 2018 midterm elections due to the political upheaval in the Trump Whitehouse. To support this claim, one needs to understand the healthcare blunders, the resignations within the top inner circle, the ongoing Russia probe, and the diminutive attempt at diversity in the administration among others.

Trump is scaling back to the contraception command and destroying the Affordable Healthcare act, whose architect was former President was Barack Obama; thereby creating blunders in the healthcare sector. The current news in the healthcare zone involves the Trump administration issuing a cut in the foundation of the Affordable Healthcare Act as well as sabotaging its accomplishments. Trump tries to do things to impress his base of supporters without considering the consequences on a broader interpretation. According to the latest news about the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) issued by the Trump Administration is that it limits the coverage of the act, and therefore many American women would not have access to a popular provision; free birth control. It has been a delight of the Trump administration to do away with Obamacare to impress his Republican Party followers since the idea of Obamacare was birthed under the previous administration.

Another issue that can impugns Trump is the resignation of his top inner circle bureaucrats, notable among these, Stephen K. Bannon, his chief strategist. Whitehouse stalwart’s circled the wagons after Trump decided to show him the door after a myriad of missteps. Some of the top officials who have also resigned since Trump took over the office are Michael Flynn who resigned just 23 days after discussing sanctions with the ambassador, Mike Dubke the white house communication director resigned three months after being on the job, Mark Corallo, a Trump spokesman who defended the Russia investigation also resigned. Still others include press secretary and assistant Sean Spicer and Michael Short respectively. Besides resignations, there have been firings of top officials in the Whitehouse. One of the most important firings was the FBI director James Comey. The number of people leaving their offices in trump administration is escalating with the current talk that puts Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in the unemployment line in the not so distant future. This too will create demand for a change in the ruling party in Congress in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

Moreover, Trump has been ostensibly connected to the ongoing Russia probe. There has been a continuing investigation on Russia involvement in the United States 2016 presidential election with a view to get Trump into the office. Recently the investigation reached a critical point where Trump’s inner circle has to lawyer-up in order to respond to inquiries by Robert Mueller’s investigators. The internal Trump campaign team headed by Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos has been investigated and evidence against them purported by the investigative team headed by Robert Mueller. This Mueller probe findings are likely to further weaken the Trump Administration and the stronghold of even his base in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

Again, Trump claims to love all people, both rich and poor, but in a noted campaign statement, he quantified that he wants rich people in his cabinet. This is like wholesale discrimination when one considers he doesn’t contemplate those poor as making up part of his cabinet or his world. This kind of discrimination will lead to a lack of public support from the God fearing, centrist, progressive and open minded public. Trump’s inner circle has little diversity regarding judicial nominations. According to Associated Press, Trump’s judicial nominations have 91% whites and 81% males. There is little incorporation of African-Americans and Hispanics in the selection process. The above-described facts will lead to the downfall of the Trump doctrine as well as his stronghold and the iron grip of Republicans. It is the opinion of this writer based upon the aforementioned facts that Democrats will retake the Congress in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections due to the political mayhem in the Trump Whitehouse.

Finally, the lack of diversity in the current administration does not reflect us as a people or our resilience as a nation. As long as our current Republican political leaders; headed by President Trump are surrounded by advisors and executives who are mostly “looking like them,” the ability to respond to a sustainable diverse America will be limited. Opportunity needs to be visible all the way up and across any organization or viable government. Leaders need to set the example through exposure, education and walking the walk. Political leaders can increase the depth and breadth of a nation’s knowledge and prepare its members for their future roles through increased exposure. Payback by us as a united people in the midterm 2018 elections will not change America immediately; but will prove to be a step in the right direction to pull America together and move us once again in the right direction.

Staff Writer; Stanley G. Buford

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