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Sexual Assaults; What Congressmen Are Hiding!!


(ThyBlackMan.com) The most important takeaway regarding revelations that congressional members secretly spent $17 million of taxpayer monies to settle at least 260 sexual misconduct complaints isn’t that it’s now public knowledge. It isn’t that certain members will be forced to step down or have chosen not to seek re-election in the belief that if they don’t seek re-election their misdeeds won’t come to light.

The most important takeaway is that Congress knowingly indemnified themselves by the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 (CAA). Simply put, the CAA required Congress and its associated agencies to follow most of the same employment/workplace safety laws that applied to businesses and the federal government. Prior to the CAA, legislative branch agencies had been exempt from said laws.

Out of this legislation the men and women we elected to serve us created a so-called “dispute resolution procedure” as the alternative to filing claims in federal court, which would be transparent to the public. Conservatives given to ideological blindness will reflexively blame Democrats for the legislation; but the facts are that the CAA passed 390 to 0 in the House of Representatives and 98 to 1 in the Senate. In short, every member of Congress except one senator voted to conceal from the public misdeeds for which perpetrators should have been dismissed and/or criminally indicted.

However, Congress, by nearly unanimous vote, established the “dispute resolution procedure,” which effectively meant congressional members would never have a public presentation of Onus Probandi. Onus Probandi refers to “burden of proof” and the need for the accuser to prove their claims in a public setting, specifically the court.

Thus the CAA was transmogrified into the perfect cloak of invisibility, whereby membership knew what was going on and who was committing what crimes; however, because of the language Congress drafted, they were shielded from having to make their crimes public. Membership also enjoyed plausible deniability by claiming CAA proceedings were by law secret.

Thus you have grievous and heinous acts of congressional malfeasance. Congress legislated itself a cloak of invisibility that allowed members to engage in whatever sexual impropriety they wanted without fear of consequences, without personally bearing the financial burden, without their wives/husbands and children knowing and without We the People knowing.

They did this while having the audacity to publicly berate and accuse others of being guilty of what congressional members were and are in fact guilty.

This shows the extent Congress is willing to go to provide a workplace that is tantamount to a taxpayer-funded private club where any act of debauchery and depravity can be solicited and participated in without fear of criminal exposure. It shows how far they’re willing to go to conceal their culture of depravity, drugs and drunkenness.

I have said many times: “There are no secrets on Capitol Hill. There are only facts that have yet to be made known to the public.” My point is that everyone knew what was and is taking place in Congress. Just as everyone knows and knew what was taking place within mainstream media offices.

Specific to that point, why didn’t the so-called liberal, emancipated and empowered feminist female journalists ask Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters et al. why Congress was permitted to operate a sexually hostile environment? It appears that even with the CAA filings and resolutions being supposedly secret, they were secret only in definition, for purposes of plausible deniability?

Members of Congress, Karl Rove and the media that defamed Herman Cain with the dregs of humanity masquerading as decent women knew that members of Congress were in fact guilty of worse. Why don’t the so-called mainstream media that are pushing fake news stories about President Trump do stories on the number of staff persons who have aborted the children of sitting congressmen?

Why doesn’t MSNBC do a story on the number of congressional members who visited the sexual fantasy island of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s close friend Jeffery Epstein, which allegedly caters to those who prefer sex with children?

Do we so soon forget Bill Clinton’s history of amoral sexual behavior? Clinton’s depraved behavior was known from Arkansas to Oxford University where it is alleged he was expelled over a rape incident. Former Vice President Al Gore is alleged to enjoy groping young male masseuses against their will. Why don’t the so-called media investigate those accusations?

These morally opprobrious calumniators may not tell the public of their depraved nature, but they tell one another. Are we to believe the so-called congressional leadership actually isn’t aware of the sexually hostile workplace they oversee?

Congress is well aware of the criminality taking place under its roof; they’ve taken great pains to shield themselves from publicly scrutiny. We must demand they be held accountable for their use of taxpayer money to avoid prosecution and to conceal criminal activity.

They’re not only the soilure debasing the hallowed institutions of government. They’re also the filth fighting against President Trump because he’s a threat to their odious behavior.

Written by Mychal Massie

Official website; http://mychal-massie.com

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