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Sexual Assault is Not a Women’s Issue.


(ThyBlackMan.com) Every time we turn on the news, or login to social media we see more accusations of sexual assault coming to light. The sad truth is it happens every day, and it shouldn’t take a celebrity being brought to the forefront to bring awareness to the issue. Furthermore, it’s time for the double standard regarding sexual assault to be acknowledged, and abolished. Sexual assault is not a women’s issue…it’s a human issue. We have to begin to see this violation as intolerable in all of the forms by which it rears its head. Just as many women do not report sexual assault, the number of men that report it is even lower. No victim of sexual assault should be made to feel they can’t report it, or that they will be shamed for coming forward.

No human being has the right to touch, and abuse another human being in any manner. It is important to acknowledge the value of every individual’s body. Men have no right assaulting woman as if they are merely objects to be exploited. Women have to right to assault a man under the idea that because he’s a man he automatically likes being touched and groped. Womanhood nor manhood should be defined by sexual assault. Holding only male predators accountable for sexual assault is denying the humanity of another human being. It is time we take a complete stance against sexual assault sending girls and boys, men and women that no one has the right to assault them because it is a violation of their humanity.

We are aware that women need to be able to speak out then they are violated, and it is important that men stand with them. Men need to stand in solidarity with women that are assaulted not just because they have female family members and friends, but because these women are human beings and what’s happening to them is wrong. This is also the same approach that must be taken with men that are victims of sexual assault.

It doesn’t make them less than a man to take a stance against being sexually touched without their consent. Just because they are men doesn’t make their violation okay, but it does make it even more difficult to report. As with women, men need to know women will stand in solidarity with them. They need to know that we don’t deem sexual assault as merely a women’s issue to address. This ill in our society affects us all, and everyone deserves protection, and support.

Predators be they male or female need to be put on notice that they don’t have a right to assault, devalue, and violate whomever they choose. It must be known that no victim is to be silenced, and all will stand with those that have been violate. There is a need for equality in this area. Not protecting our daughters and sons can have dangerous consequences. If one is taught they are without value how can they truly value another human being? Women and men must be made to understand, through our support, that their bodies are private space that always require their expressed consent.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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