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Four Main Problems You Need to Know About Police Brutality.


(ThyBlackMan.com) Throughout the history of the mankind, fear has emerged as one of the most effective tools of forming public opinion. Today the government purposefully fosters fears from the very childhood. Such a setup is necessary for effective manipulation. One of these manipulation tools is the security forces, namely the United States Police.

At least, 3 people die every day at the hands of policemen in America. For comparison: for 96 years, UK police killed only 52 people. Our country is a police state where power structures and the entire state apparatus protect the interests of the arms lobby, which has its representatives both in the Capitol and in the White House.

One of the main features and problems of the American state is the recognition of the supremacy of the police apparatus over common people. In order to “contain” different social conflicts in the society and protect the interests of capital, any action of a police officer, even if it violates norms of law and morality, automatically become legal. Hence the growing number of victims.

Second problem is the “historical heritage of Americans“, namely the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, which guarantees the right of citizens to buy and carry weapons. Because of this amendment cops have another reason of opening fire without any hesitation. Unlike other countries where police first make a warning shot into the air, the U.S. cops have the right to immediately shoot to kill, although the use of weapons in many cases can be avoided.

Another problem is three strikes laws implemented on March 7, 1994 that require a person guilty of committing both a serve violent felony and two other previous convictions to serve a mandatory life sentence in prison. The purpose of the laws is to drastically increase the punishment of those convicted of more than two serious crimes. In simple terms, the criminals shoot back like there’s no tomorrow hoping for another chance to escape the punishment. And the police, knowing this, show unnecessary aggression and don’t even try to hold a suspect. It’s so much easier to shoot than to safe sometimes innocent lives.

And final problem is the low level of intellectual development among law enforcement’s officers that is welcomed in the police departments. You can ask why some policemen despite the fact that the detainees do not pose a threat, continue to beat or humiliate them? The answer is simple! The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability is a group of analysts used for assessing the aptitude of prospective employees for learning and problem-solving a range of occupations.

Throughout both the U.S. and Canada, many police forces require candidates to take this test as one of the qualifications prior to being hired. According to the ABC (link: http://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=95836&page=1#.Tv-OZSNWplw), the standard of the scores is 21 to 22, the equivalent of an IQ 104. People whose intellectual achievements are below average will not think about their actions, but perform their task quickly and without questions.

Everything that happens is a dangerous trend. The right to live, the fundamental human rights are no longer guaranteed every day, and a representative of law enforcement agencies takes direct part in it. The American police do not serve and protect, but oppress and intimidate. Thus, the fear and the hatred of a person with a badge is cultivated. And here the power already has another approach: “Divide and conquer.”

Staff Writer; Jason Maverick



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