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African Male Athletes Are The Biggest Victims Of The NCAA’s Exploitative Parasitic Capitalist Machine.


(ThyBlackMan.com) Recently, the college football playoff committee decided on the four teams that fight every year for a piece of the parasitic capitalist pie in the form of parasitic corporate sponsors, team revenue, ticket sales, etc.

Since its inception in 2014, the college football playoffs have generated approximately $500 million dollars each year including this year and none of that’s going to the African male athletes who generate the most wealth for these colonial universities and the NCAA, it’s mostly lining up the pockets of greedy, parasitic white male capitalists in the form of coaches, administrators, commentators, and corporate sponsors. That’s a form of modern day parasitic exploitation.

Parasitic capitalism arose from the enslavement and the oppression of African people and the exploitation of African labor that’s created all the wealth and value in the belly of the beast known as America.

And hell yeah, we are owed reparations for all the stolen and exploited labor from us that was used to build this entire country as well as reparations being owed to us for the destruction of thriving African communities in the interest of parasitic white economic development projects in the form of sports stadiums, parks, and highways.

While the selection of these four big colonial institutions are a big win for them and their parasitic corporate sponsors, the biggest losers in all of this each year are young African males and the entire African community at large because African male athletes in this country produce the most wealth for these big sports leagues like The NBA, NFL, & especially NCAA.

Like all other parasitic capitalist organizations in this country, The NCAA is also a part of this parasitic social system built on the enslavement of African people and the genocide of indigenous people. And like all other parasitic capitalist organizations, they produce nothing and have total control over the labor and resources that are generated by the exploited colonized workers.

In the NCAA system, the business model is very similar to the prison system and corporate America which are all forms of modern day slavery in which cheap/free African labor pays big dividends for mostly greedy, money hungry parasitic white male capitalists from coaches, commentators, administrators, and corporate sponsors.

Also, in the NCAA system, African male athletes are not even properly compensated for their labor that created all the value and wealth for these colonial universities and the NCAA, but instead are given these mostly useless “athletic scholarships” as a form of compensation.

For young African males to be given mere “athletic scholarships” pales in comparison to the millions that are parasitically extracted from them each year by these colonial universities and the NCAA.

The NCAA is one of the most corrupt and parasitic capitalist organizations in America that parasitically extracts over a billion dollars each year in exploited athletic labor and wealth mostly from the African community in this country.

The biggest parasitic white capitalist in the NCAA is the current head football coach at the colonial institution known as The University Of Alabama in Tuscaloosa in Nick Saban. He now makes as of this year $11 million off of the backs of unpaid and exploited African male athletic labor.

In an article I read last year, at least 85% of the athletes that are generating the most wealth for these colonial universities and The NCAA are young African men that come from genocidal conditions imposed on them by the current social system in the form of poor education, gentrification, police containment, police violence, food deserts, homelessness, poverty, and state-sponsored horizontal violence. Many of these young brothers come from single mother homes (mostly due to mass incarceration imposed on the African community through vicious and oppressive U.S. colonial laws) and are seen as the primary breadwinner of the household.

African male athletes are also being exploited by these colonial universities on the academic front as well when they’re constantly pulled out of class to get ready for a college football or basketball game, told by colonial administrators not to even come to class, and in many cases, put in shadow classes by colonial administrators where they’re not learning anything about self-determination as was seen with the recent North Carolina academic scandal in 2014 where 3,100 athletes (most of them were African male athletes) were deliberately put in these shadow classes by colonial administrators so that they can keep them eligible to play on the basketball court.

The Conclusion – Only a revolution by the poor and oppressed people can overturn this colonial parasitic capitalist system that has oppressed colonized people including African people for over 600 years. This toxic social system must go!!!

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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