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How to Change a Negative Belief Pattern.

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( A negative belief pattern is a system of beliefs in which the holder of such beliefs is unable to grasp alternative ways of thinking that result potentially in positive outcomes. For this person, the only outcome to change, challenge and conflict is negative, creating a dysfunctional loop. For many, this “loop” is something they carry for a lifetime and is reinforced by events, experiences and people on a daily basis.

Changing your negative thinking into positive thinking is an enormous process. It will take just as long to see change from the latter to the former as it was to become a negative thinking individual. The following is merely a short essay on the merits of understanding why you tend to think negative. It’s always a good idea to seek professional assistance if you feel your negative belief pattern is so pervasive as to literally prevent you from the empowered life you deserve.

Carrying a negative belief pattern is hazardous to your physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being. Here are three mindsets to changing how you currently think toward a more positive outcome.

Understand Negative Beliefs Do Not Pop Up Overnight

You did not wake up this morning a negative person. You became negative by forming negative habits of thinking – quite possibly since childhood. This is important because most people fail to grasp just how negative an environment they’ve created over time.

We grow up in environments; most of which include family, extended family and a social network. Many African Americans would also include church in that group, too. Whatever the environment, it’s likely that we began forming negative thinking patterns then. Our challenge is understand and grasp the fact that we are products of our upbringing – for better or worse. Then we may be able to get a grip on the problem.

You Must Change a Negative into a Positive Gradually

In light of understanding that negative beliefs do not pop up overnight, we must further realize that we cannot change negative thinking patterns overnight. Thirty minutes of positive thinking do not cure a lifetime of negative thinking. The work must be consistent, focused and deliberate.

Commit yourself to a daily regimen of positive thinking. Make it a point to appreciate the moment when you exercise conscious positive awareness. Don’t get disappointed when you take two steps forward and one step backwards. It’s all part of the positive recovery process.

Identify the Source of Negativity in your Life

Practically speaking, this is a very crucial step. In order to change negative to positive, you must determine where the negative is coming from. Yes, it’s coming from you – but how did it get there? Who or what were the sources? For most, its family; for others, it’s friends. Or, it may begin with family and continue with friends.

We are human beings, not islands; most of the people we come into contact with have some sort of negative disposition issue. Understand this: negative spreads like a common cold – like a virus. In fact, it is a virus; one that people tend to carry for a lifetime without even realizing it.

Carrying a negative belief pattern is hazardous to your physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being. Begin now to create a more positive way of believing and thinking!

Staff Writer; W. Eric Croomes

This talented brother is a holistic lifestyle exercise expert and founder and executive coach of Infinite Strategies LLC, a multi-level coaching firm that develops and executes strategies for fitness training, youth achievement and lifestyle management. Eric is an author, fitness professional, holistic life coach and motivational speaker.

In October 2015, Eric released Life’s A Gym: Seven Fitness Principles to Get the Best of Both, which shows readers how to use exercise to attract a feeling of wellness, success and freedom (Infinite Strategies Coaching LLC, 2015) –

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