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The Fuss About Strontium.

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(ThyBlackMan.comFirst of all – what is Strontium? It’s a soft earth element that is used in fireworks and flares, and is found, in small amounts, within the human body. Much like calcium it resides within the bones and is perfectly harmless while naturally balanced. The only way for it to become imbalanced in its natural state is if you were to consume more strontium than calcium.

As early as 1910, strontium has been reported to be beneficial in the treatment of osteoporosis, yet strontium hasn’t been available as a medicine until quite recently. Why? Because, at that time, no one knew the difference between natural strontium and the radioactive isotopes that are used to build atomic bombs – and so no company was willing to back a drug associated as such.

Even now the medicine used is a manufactured form of strontium, as the chemical compound itself can’t be patented. Ranelic acid is the synthetic compound used to create the unnatural strontium salt, strontium ranelate. Unfortunately, this drug has potential harmful side effects.

Due to the strontium side effects, the research into the drugs has slowly been on the decline. It can provide some relief to those suffering from osteoporosis and other bone diseases , but it doesn’t cure it and the side effects should always be considered against the benefits. A doctor’s advice should always be listened to when it comes to taking such medication, and thorough research should be done at home.

Common side effects include vomiting, fainting, loose stools, headaches and skin irritation. And the less common, but potentially deadly side effects include Serious autoimmune reactions, such as DRESS (the acronym for drug rash, eosinophilia and systemic symptoms) and Venous thromboembolism. The latter has been reported have a 50% increase in patients, and up to 50% patients who suffer from the former can contract hepatitis. These side effects are less common, but because they are linked to the drug, it is always something to think seriously about.

The ‘fuss’ surrounding strontium casts everything with the same names under the same media paint brush, proclaiming it as dangerous and with horrid side effects. When, in reality, it is only the manufactured drug and the radioactive isotope that has these things.

The naturally found mineral, on the other hand, is harmless when in balance in the body. A deficiency in strontium is easily rectified with supplements when taken within the natural limit – which should only be determined by your doctor.

Staff Writer; Corey Baker

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