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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Hacks! The Confessions Of Donna Brazile!

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(ThyBlackMan.com) MANY of us still wish to believe that high profile black leaders like DONNA BRAZILE are as powerful as their titles and positions suggest but in DONNA”S new book she discloses the inner workings of the DNC and how it treated her as one of the highest ranking black officials , it is only when the books are written and the real world politics is exposed that we actually find out just how powerful and respected that these high profile black people are because in most cases we find they have very little or no power at all.


WORDS are very important and when DONNA describes her treatment by the DNC as that of PATSY the slave a fictional character from the movie ’12 years a slave ‘ she is confirming what many of us already believed that there was a slave/slave master relationship between black people and the DNC, remember DONNA was portrayed as this giant powerhouse in the DNC but her own words contradict this, when DONNA said she got tired of people telling her how to spend money that she herself had raised she told them ‘IM not PATSY THE SLAVE, YALL KEEP WHIPPING ME AND WHIPPING ME AND YOU NEVER GIVE ME ANY MONEY OR ANY WAY TO DO MY DAMN JOB’!


THIS episode alone would be bad enough but this is not the first time DONNA has be humiliated by her political masters , the QUEEN HILLARY herself was forced to put DONNA in her place during the campaign last year after MATT LAUER went off script and asked her unapproved questions during a interview before a live audience that embarrassed her, HILLARY exploded and attacked her whole staff but it was DONNA who received the brunt of the assault, ‘HILLARY told DONNA ‘ I’M SO SICK OF YOUR FACE , YOU STARE AT THE WALL LIKE A BRAIN DEAD BUFFALO, WHILE LETTING THAT F***ING LAUER GET AWAY WITH THIS, WHAT ARE YOU REALLY GOOD FOR..REALLY!..GET THE F*** BACK TO WORK JANITORING THIS MESS, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR’! https://70news.wordpress.com/2016/10/17/hillary-clintons-meltdown-calls-dnc-chair-donna-brazile-brain-dead-buffalo-and-tells-matt-lauer-hes-finished-if-trump-wins-after-rogue-email-question-during-presidential-forum/comment-page-1/ she also said she’d get MATT LAUER fired and gave DONNA a stern warning ‘IF THAT B*STARD WINS [TRUMP] WE’LL ALL HANG FROM NOOSES , LAUER IS FINISHED ,IF I LOOSE ITS ALL ON YOUR HEAD FOR SCREWING THIS THING UP ‘!


THE more mysterious aspect to the book was DONNA’S claim that she feared for her life after the murder of DNC staffer SETH RICH whom many people believe was the actual leaker of the emails that did so much damage to the HILLARY campaign and not the RUSSIANS as the democrats are claiming, DONNA said she was so shaken by the murder of SETH , that she started shutting her blinds to her office windows so snipers couldn’t see in and even installed security surveillance cameras at her home , she said the experience was like ‘burying a child’ , this is strange because as of this day the murder of SETH has been declared a simple street robbery gone bad by the D.C police ‘case closed’ and nobody knows how and why DONNA became so attached to SETH.

THE prevailing theory is that DONNA knew that SETH was the leaker and probably helped him at some point and having inside knowledge at the DNC she would have received or known of the TONY PODESTA’S then HILLARY’S campaign manager emails threatening to make a example of the leaker https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/36082 and after SETH’S murder , DONNA would’ve known that it was not a common street robbery as reported but it was in fact a political hit conducted by her own political party and this is what caused her to have concern for her safety and the feeling of guilt and responsibility for this young man’s murder.

THERE is also speculation as to why DONNA wrote a book which was dedicated to SETH and the stolen primary elections at this time and its not because DONNA is a good person because she’s not and its not just for profit although she’ll need the money because her career in politics is essentially over , DONNA wrote this book for self preservation and since DONNA is not stupid and she is no ordinary black democrat slave, DONNA knows everything and she can see there is a endless amount of crimes and scandals about to be revealed that the CLINTON’S and the DNC are involved in including the murder of SETH RICH, DONNA wants to create space between herself and what is to come , DONNA is the first of the black rats to dessert the sinking DNC ship and soon there will be more.

Staff Writer; Robert Jordan

Official website; http://TheAfricanSpear.com


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