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The Truth of Genesis: The Final Disposition of Mankind, Part 2.

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( I remember back in the day, hearing ministers preach that it was “Heaven or Hell”. Well, that was, and still is, not true. Also, certain ones used to state that people went to Heaven when they died. That also was false. Let’s start with the “Heaven or Hell”. Yes, the saints will be taken to Heaven when Yeshua comes back the first time, which has often been called “the Second Coming”. But the saints will only be in Heaven temporarily, where they will be judged, and shown the mass wonders that Yehovah has created since the beginning of infinity.

This is the area where I have a great concern for Trinitarian Pentecostals. Yeshua spoke of dividing the “sheep from the goats”. In Israel, the goats and the sheep had the same shepherd. There was a partition wall constructed to divide them in the pen area. Is it at this time that the “goats” are cast into outer darkness (Lake of Fire)? They can’t be saved because they did not accept water immersion in the name of Jesus (Yeshua). Therefore they yet would be in their sins. They have His Spirit, but did not take on His name, so He would say “I never knew you”!. But I would think that many, if not most of them, that lived a holy life after repentance, would not be worthy of eternal death. Yet that is something Yeshua will decide.

However, the saints’ sojourn in Heaven will last only 1,007 Earth years. Then the saints will return to Earth with Yeshua at what should be called “the Third Coming”. After the era of Final Judgment (Day of Atonement), death, and Hell, will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. There, is where the Beast (anti-Christ), the false Jesus , Lucifer, evil demons, rebel angels, and all of mankind from each era of the past that were not found worthy of eternal life, shall reside forever. Meanwhile, before the rapture, except for the saints, everyone that dies goes to Hell. But the saints go to Paradise. Each waits for their resurrection. The saints for the first resurrection (the rapture), and the rest for the general or “second” resurrection 1,007 years later. Therefore both Hell and Paradise are just holding or staging areas before final disposition.

Upon judgment, all of remaining mankind is either allowed to live forever on the New Earth (they can later leave and travel elsewhere in the universe if they choose), or they will be cast into the Lake of Fire with Lucifer forever, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, without any hope of reprieve. Sadly, I am afraid that over 55% of mankind is going to keep company with Satan, whom many of them served. It is called “the second death”. Therefore, neither Heaven nor Hell is the final end point. However, I’m getting ahead of myself.

As the “wheels of fate” turn, and situations align themselves, the third Temple will begin construction in Jerusalem. Probably, the current capital of Israel will be transferred from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem before then, which should be a huge sign that these later things will come to past. Along with the anti-Christ, the false (fake) Jesus will arrive on the scene. Since Yeshua made it a point for His followers to not believe the false “Christs” that shall come, I venture to say that this fake Jesus will somehow pretend that he has come from Heaven, to fool “low information” Christians into thinking that he is their Savior…, and will give the appearance of being subordinate to the (Islamic) anti-Christ.

This will cause confusion in the Christian ranks, and as those that refuse to submit are hunted by the established regime (new world order?), certain (weak) Christians will betray the whereabouts of others, just to (temporary) save their own skin. The unknown part is, the question of if this terrible experience will be limited to just the Middle East, the Eastern Hemisphere, or will it be worldwide? Who is to say at this point, as we are in the latter part of 2017 AD?

How soon after the construction of the Temple do the woes of Revelation begin? When does the first of the seven angels begin to sound their trumpet? We have the anti-Christ, the false Jesus, and the image of the anti-Christ which the world will have to contend with. The earlier part of the tribulation will see many deaths of those who won’t comply. The latter part of the tribulation will see death fleeing from those that seek it.

I am of the opinion that someone will try to bring down the Beast’s reign of terror by trying to assassinate him, resulting in him receiving a severe head wound. But the tyrant will recover, and be more evil and stronger than before. This all comes to an end when Enoch and Elijah are finally killed by the anti-Christ, and will lie dead in the streets of Jerusalem for 84 hours, which is 3 ½ days. That means that the two will be killed in the morning of the 26th or 27th of the Hebrew month of Elul, which is the sixth month. This would correspond to the Gregorian period of about late August or early September. We won’t know until Passover of that particular year, when the new year begins, with the month of Aviv (Nisan). Pay no attention to the infidels that call the month of Tishri (7th) the beginning of the year. Those responsible for that falsehood shall receive their just reward.

I believe that the two witnesses will be killed in the morning, twelve hours before sunset. I am persuaded that Enoch and Elijah will then rise from the dead about near sunset, 3 ½ days later, to be witnesses to the renewed Moon. The key word is WITNESSES, as in witnesses to the renewed Moon, and reporting such to the High Priest (Yeshua). This would officially mark the beginning of Tishri (Day of Trumpets), which will start that very evening. I expect Yeshua will come from Heaven with His angels later that day or soon after, because every eye will see Him, coming from the sky.

After seeing the two witnesses rise from the dead and ascend up to Heaven, the anti-Christ will leave the Temple Mount and prepare for battle. The anti-Christ will have had his army set to fight against Jerusalem, but the battle will shift from against Jerusalem to be the True Christ and His angels verses the anti-Christ and his armies. Swords shall come out of Yeshua’s mouth to slice and dice the armies (and their horses?) as ankle to knee deep blood covers the region of Armageddon. The fowls of the air will come and dine on the flesh of the slain, after the first of two battles of Armageddon comes to a swift end. The second and final battle will occur 1,007 years later down the road.

The anti-Christ, and the false Jesus will then be the first occupants of the Lake of Fire. They will have the whole place to themselves, as they wait for a lot of company. An arc-angel, maybe Michael, will descend from Heaven, grab hold of Satan, and bound him in the bottomless pit. Then the fun starts, as discussed in Part 3.

Staff Writer; Herman Cummings

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