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Monday, December 17, 2018

3 Key Reasons God of War Is The Most Anticipated Game.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) God of War release is scheduled for early 2018 and developers at Santa Monica Studio are sharing new details every week now. Just a few weeks ago, Sony released a new GOW trailer at PlayStation’s Paris Games Week, and now, when everyone is praising the graphics, combat, and gameplay, the title is nominated for the most anticipated game award. The Game Awards 2017 will be held on December 7 and under the Fan’s Choice Awards GOW will contest against four other titles including Marvel’s Spider-Man, Monster Hunter: World, Red Dead Redemption II and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II.

Here’s what makes the new God of War game fans’ favorite.

1. Kratos Returns

When the series started losing grip on the story, God of War developer Santa Monica Studio smartly changed the gameplay and showed us a new avatar of Kratos. The character is still the same, but the way he is portrayed in the new game is totally different. Now, as the father of a boy named Atreus, Kratos is a mentor and a protector.

The old, rage-filled man now looks calm and more responsible. Kratos is a very important part of the entire God of War story. The gameplay trailers released by the developer show Kratos teaching his son and protecting him. The character is now more appealing because you get to see two sides of his life. He is trying his best to be how he was, but the kid unknowingly brings out the human side of his father. While battling the monsters, Kratos is also fighting a war within himself. It can be felt in small moments, during the fights, and in-depth story moments.

2. The Norse Mythology

While the previous games were set in the Greek Mythology, the new game is set in Norse Mythology. According to the game’s creative director Cory Barlog, the game is set in the pre-history era, which is like a migration period, and shows the era before that when gods walked the earth and monsters existed. The major difference is the geography. The belief systems existed but in different locations. In simple terms, Kratos went to a place where different gods and monsters were present. Why Santa Monica Studio chose the Norse methodology because the team found it free from distractions. The developer suggests that too much distraction in the setting could affect the gameplay in many ways, but Norse is a place where they find huge opportunities to create things with their own imagination. The studio has also confirmed that the Norse gods will appear in the game, but how they will treat Kratos and his son still remains a mystery.

3. In-game items and character abilities

Kratos has lost his double-chained blades and now he holds a War Axe. His Axe is magical and features the ability to freeze enemies and cause massive damage when thrown. Kratos can easily summon his axe back to his hand and his new weapon can also be used to cut objects. There’s a knife which he gives to his son and the weapon belongs to the child’s mother, an unknown woman who is probably no more in the world.

Santa Monica Studio has not shared specific details about the game’s mechanics, but as much as they have shown in the trailers, customization will surely be a part of the game. There will be some newly introduced special moves and abilities. Players will be controlling Kratos throughout the game, but there are some instances where his son will be distracting enemies with his bow and arrows, and players will get the chance to instruct Atreus.

The new game is completely a fresh experience. It’s more like wiping a slate clean and creating something focused more on Kratos while highlighting the relationship between the two characters. Are you waiting for the God of War release? What’s your reason?

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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  1. Derrick Jacobs says:

    I patiently await for the game to be release.

    Note: Wonder why they changed “Kratos” skintone? From a black to white literally??

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