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OnePlus 5T Launch Is Near: Check out its 5 tough competitors.

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( The OnePlus 5T is now confirmed and the company has promised that the user experience won’t be compromised in the phone. The company’s CEO Pete Lau said in a blog post that the demand for a 3.5mm audio jack is more and not everyone is ready to accept a big change here. Keeping this in mind, the company has decided that the OP 5T will come equipped with an audio jack. The OP 5T will most likely feature the best hardware in 2017, so here are the devices the phone would be competing with. But before we move on to what the other companies are offering, here’s what we know so far about OnePlus 5T specifications and features.

The rumored specifications suggest that the OP 5T will sport a 6.01 inches display. The device will come equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. The same processor powered its predecessor. There are chances that two variants of OnePlus 5T will be available. One model is expected to arrive with 6GB of RAM and 64GB storage capacity, while the other model will likely feature 8GB RAM and 128GB storage capacity.

The front snapper will likely be a 20MP sensor, while there are reports about one telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens with a 16MP sensor. There are chances that the phone will be available with Android Oreo 8.0 while some of the reports claim that it will run Nougat. There’s no doubt about the new Android version’s availability on the phone as Google has already confirmed that the devices coming in the holiday season and the next year will likely come with Oreo.

We still have to wait till OnePlus announces the phone to know more about the upcoming device. There are high chances that some leaks and teasers will appear in the coming weeks providing more information about the device. As far as the rumored details are concerned, the OP 5T will likely challenge some mid to high-end devices.

Some of the devices including the Samsung Galaxy S8, Razer Phone, LG V30, HTC U11, and Nokia 8 come equipped with Snapdragon 835. These devices are available at a price range of $300 to $800. Most of these devices come equipped with solid RAM ranging from 3GB to 8GB and also come in different storage capacities. OP 5T if comes with Snapdragon 835 and shares design aesthetics with its predecessor, there are chances that the phone will most likely turn out to be an above average phone for those who love a powerful smartphone in a budget.

OnePlus 5T has made only a few appearance from official sources. OnePlus also teased the smartphone by posting some images taken by the upcoming phone. The phone will likely feature a bezel-less display according to the leaked details, the display is going to get bigger this time. If the rumored details are true, the new OP 5T phone will feature a bigger and better display than the Samsung Galaxy S8 and HTC’s popular U11 smartphone. There’s one thing which is still not clear about the OP 5T is its water resistance capability. The company has shared very little details about the device. While many other devices in the same range are available with an IP68 or IP67 rating, OP 5T is expected to feature the same. It would be sad to see the phone without this feature.

While the Galaxy S8 reaches near to the display size of the phone, devices like Nokia 8 still fall under the 5.5-inch display size bar. Now it comes to the users’ choice which is always subjective. Most of the smartphone users want bigger display but in a small sized phone. The Galaxy S8, Razer Phone, and U11 perfectly deliver the comfort and finest user experience, it would be interesting to see where the OnePlus 5T stands when it launches.

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  1. Larry Moore says:

    Like Flossy Carter would say, This a Go!

    Note: May just get one for my wife.

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