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Monday, December 17, 2018

Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey: 6 Things That Will Make You Fall In Love With This Game.

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( Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey is now available on Nintendo Switch and there’s so much to love in this game. The game has received positive feedback from critics and here are 6 things that make it a must-have game for all the Nintendo Switch owners.


The best thing about Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey is that it is a very big game. The formula established in the Super Mario 64 can be seen in Odyssey as well. All the levels you come across while playing can be unlocked with moons. In Super Mario 64, you need to collect stars to jump onto the next level, and similarly, you need moons in Odyssey. The best thing in the new game is that it brings a large number of moons, meaning that there’s a lot of content to spend time on. While Super Mario 64 has 150 stars, a single level of Odyssey, on the other hand, has more than 50 Moons hidden.

Gameplay features

Nintendo has not just delivered an enhanced version of Super Mario 64, the company has introduced some new mechanics and also some new ways of capturing. The new game brings a lot of creative stuff this time. For example, when you throw a hat on some enemies, they come into your possession. There’s a large number of characters in the game and it looks amazing to see many things in the Mario-themed world. You will see the possessions in the classic Mario hat, but each of them comes with different abilities.

The beauty

On Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey is a masterpiece. You will hardly find any performance issues with the game and the best thing is the game runs very well and looks absolutely stunning in both handheld and TV mode. The new Mario game looks stunning and it runs very well without any frame-rate drops. It’s a gorgeous game we have ever seen in Mario world. All the levels bring a variety of mechanics and different environment settings. Beautiful waterfalls, colors, crisp graphics and creative world make Odyssey the best Mario game.

The experience

What matters the most is gameplay experience. No matter how big or small a game is, it always feels better when game developers deliver something worth playing. Super Mario Odyssey is one of the games that deliver crisp controls and highly responsive environments. While playing the game, you won’t see accidental deaths caused by glitches in controls. When you start the game, you get complete control over Mario and his huge arsenal. The game’s size is obviously one of the best reasons to choose it, while the incredible levels are highly engaging.

Beautiful Costumes

While playing Super Mario Odyssey, you will see that every world features stores from where you can buy costumes. For players who love collecting unique items in the game, stores are the great places where you can get these items. You will see that the costumes you will find reflect Mario’s journey. Some of the collectibles are funny, theme-based and inspired by Mario’s history and the classic games. Players also get added benefits once after collecting the outfits and at the same time they can explore more and collect more moons in the game.

Bottom line

Mario games have always been attracting fans. From the day when consoles were a new thing in markets till today when we have a whole new world of video game consoles, Mario has never lost its charm. We have always seen Mario growing and there were very few games where the character appeared in the same outfits. Nintendo has once again proved the character’s strength with Super Mario Odyssey. The game delivers creativity, originality, and innovation. You will, in fact, see different characters, new world and matchless performance combined with unexpected new mechanics. Critics call it a masterpiece and there’s no doubt about the fun you’re going to get with the game.

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One Response to “Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey: 6 Things That Will Make You Fall In Love With This Game.”
  1. Fred Washington says:

    This is what I and many have been waiting for. Glad “Zelda” kept me occupied this long.

    I feel this will no doubt be #1 selling Nintendo Switch game in 2017.

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