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Monday, December 17, 2018

Clash of Clans Update: Every New Feature Detailed.

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( Clash of Clans update arrived on October 11 and if you haven’t updated your game, you can just log in to your account and find the update ready for download. According to the game developer Supercell, many improvements have been made in the game. The new features and improvements include changes in Home Villages, Builder Bases, indicator, and weapons. Read on to check the detailed information about the new Clash of Clans update.

Players have been waiting for the update and according to many of them, this is one of the biggest updates the game has ever received. For those who have been playing the game for long time, changes in the Builder Base are huge and positive. The company confirmed that the Builder Base has got a new feature called ‘friendly challenges’. The friendly battles allow members of a Clan to fight with each other. The feature not only helps players in testing strategies, it is also helpful for creating strategic base layout design.

The latest Clash of Clans update brings some major improvements in Clans. Supercell has introduced 35v35 friendly wars and also the 45v45 friendly wars with the latest update. For Clan Wars spectators, the number of slots has been increased to 30 and there are also 10 more slots if you’re viewing through friend list. Clans are now given the ability to set requirements for Builder Base trophy. The same can be done from the Clan settings.

One of the most appreciated changes the update brings is the graphic improvement. From Clan Troop drop stone to Clan Badge, Castle and even fonts, everything looks better this time. With the latest Clash of Clans update, searching for Clans has become easier than before. Supercell has introduced a new Clan Suggestions function that prioritizes the Clans based on different levels. For example, filtered results based on the War activity and Troop donation activity can be seen. You can, in fact, use the option to highlight Clans joined by your friends, if the player is on your friend list, you can easily highlight such Clans.

There are new level limits for TH11 buildings and troops. These changes are certainly for those who have reached to that particular level or reaching closer to it. You can update Valkyries to level 6. Golems can be upgraded to level 7. Similarly, Bomb Tower can now reach the level 6, Air Sweeper at level 7, and Walls can be upgraded to level 12. A large number of players have already taken their Walls to the maximum level, with the latest update, they can make take it further. It makes the opponent’s job more difficult, as a result, your base gets stronger.

A massive improvement in the social connectivity came with the CoC update. Supercell calls it Online Indicator. The feature helps the players see the number of Clanmates available online. The Friend List will display the availability status of your friends. It will help you check who’s online and who’s not. These features will certainly help Clanmates get ready for Wars. The Friend List now also allows players to check the attacks made by their friends.

The Clash of Clans update also brings some improvements in the A.I. In the official patch notes, the company suggests that the general improvements in the A.I. are significant. Now the battles won’t be declared finished until the projectile from the last unit lands. It means that even if the unit is killed, the battle will not finish until the projectile hits the target. Supercell has also made some improvements on the attack position selection for troops.

Meanwhile, Supercell has confirmed that the Star Bonus is a regular event and it will be available for 24 hours as soon as you receive your first Star. It means that once you receive a star, you cannot expect more in the next 24 hours. The 24-hour countdown should get completed before you try for more.

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