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Trump Embarrassed the US in Japan.

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( One must ask themselves if this current president understands the ramifications of nuclear war? Has he allowed it to really enter his mind? Trump embarked on a 5 day Asian tour, and his stop in Japan was quite embarrassing. Trump doesn’t seem to have good diplomatic skills nor proper respect for the dead. When you go to someone else’s country not only do you attempt to respect the culture, but don’t speak down to the people that are hosting you. I guess Jay-Z was right when in said: “You can pay for school, but you can’t buy class.” America out to be embarrassed as we have a leader that is the embodiment of arrogant, uncultured, and insensitive. It is understood that Trump’s staff can only do so much as he doesn’t consistently listen to their council.

The media focused on koi fish feeding gone terrible, and Trump eating a hamburger in Japan. Well truth be told the koi fish feeding could have been an accident, and if that hamburger was prepared for him (taking his preference into consideration) it would have been unkind to refuse the food. However, what one can find more disturbing was Trump not visiting the Hiroshima Memorial. That isn’t a problem because Former President Obama went…it’s a problem because it seems Donald Trump doesn’t understand why Japan doesn’t run to arms in the manner he feels they should.

The United Stated has never had to endure anything on par with a nuclear bomb, but Japan understands that level of destruction and death via the atomic bomb. Trump has shown countless times that he doesn’t see to have any care for other countries in a globalized international community. Because he can’t seem to see past his own arrogance he makes comments that are callous, and extremely insensitive.

This shows a lack of diplomacy, and it is indeed embarrassing. “Instead of budgeting time to visit the Hiroshima Memorial, Trump preceded his trip to Japan with a trip to Honolulu. He engaged in necessary and vital security briefings at Pacific Command, but ended his visit with a tweet that reminded his followers to “Remember #PearlHarbor.” It was discourteous at best, and bad diplomacy at worst. “

As Americans we must demand better of our leadership as they represent us abroad. It is uncouth to go to another land and insult the people there. “Though he praised the Japanese economy, the president added, “I don’t know if it’s as good as ours. I think not, O.K.?” he said, shooting Mr. Abe a gimlet-eyed glance. “And we’re going to try to keep it that way, and you’ll be second.”” Let’s be honest…that’s in poor taste. If people were to make a comparison with the former president it could be the fact that whether you voted for him, or not, you didn’t have to worry about being embarrassed as a nation…by the president. It’s amazing how far we have fallen as a nation, and the down spiral has not stopped.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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4 Responses to “Trump Embarrassed the US in Japan.”
  1. Anirban (aka Abner) Bhattacharya says:

    My view always will be that the atom bombs should have been dropped in other places in Japan with fewer civilians death but admit that there is no guarantee there would be surrender. There are only wrong and bad choices which President Harry S. Truman had. There was no guarantee that Japan would surrender after Hiroshima and Nagasaki as they had not surrendered after Tokyo and other cities were bombed with so many civilian deaths. If it goes to an invasion, many more civilians get killed and Japanese would have used women and children soldiers. Japanese boys would fly planes in kamikaze missions. In Okinawa, families committed suicide such as Japanese women with their children would jump off of cliffs to their deaths.

    During WW2, we bombed German, Italian & Japanese cities believing they would surrender. The 3 year old German, Italian & Japanese kids are innocent even if parents were guilty. The side with the better weapons & military strategies wins the war. If Germany, Italy & Japan had the atom bombs, they would have used them against us & we’d possibly still be dealing with them today.

    With wars, including stealing land, you must have courage to fight for your greed. Axis dictators Adolf Hitler, Benito Amilcare Mussolini and Hirohito had charisma indoctrinated millions of German soldiers, Japanese and Italians to fight and die for their leaders.

    And with wars-soldiers killing eachother in a fight is 1 thing. But harming POW is bad. Bataan death march during WW2, atrocities committed against POW during the Korean War and Vietnam War (Hanoi Hilton) are bad and against Geneva Protocol. Once asked a Vietnam War veteran what he thought about enemy soldiers :thinking: He told me that if they were trying to kill him in a fight, he won’t pass judgment as it’s a war and soldiers are sent to fight for their nations whether it’s the right or wrong cause. Now however, if the enemy soldiers are going to take POW and mutilate them, then that is bad & that’s murder.

    Many people would not know who Sgt. Leonard George Siffleet was-the ANZAC POW who was beheaded during WW2 by the Japanese soldiers. Japanese soldiers followed Bushido code (Samurai way) and they treated POW, including American POW, Chamorro Indians in Guam, Chinese POW , Filipino POW were beheaded and bayonetted by Japanese soldiers. That is bad. And wars still have not ended. There have been other ideology wars such as Korean War, Vietnam War, etc.

  2. Anon Ymous says:

    I agree with what the author is saying, but the article is, unfortunately, not of publishable quality. Confusion of homonyms (‘council” for “counsel”), inappropriate pronouns (“that” when “who” is appropriate), inconsistent number, using “nor” without a preceding “neither,” and other grammatical and stylistic errors detract from the author’s valid points. As much as I understand that blog publishers don’t have editors on staff, the solution is to work a tiny bit harder at the end and proofread.

  3. Monto says:

    Koi story was fake news…just saying

  4. Douglas Loss says:

    How is any of this any worse than Obama’s repeated bowing and apologizing to each and every dictator and other foreign head of state he met? Trick question–it isn’t any worse, and isn’t even as bad as…

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