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Monday, December 17, 2018

21 Reasons African Digital Innovation Can Build Dopeness.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) The recent WordCamp Nairobi and other tech venues that are hosting technology conferences, workshops, meetups and supporting entrepreneurs and I-trepreneurs are growing in Africa. Tech is becoming common place.

Being dope on Social Media is not a cultural thing, it is the ability to be comfortable in your digital skin as a content creator, digital creator, innovator, graphic artist or even a dope web developer. Everyone has a dope side to them, it just takes time to discover it and importantly apply that dopeness to a positive online experience.

It means that it is ok to have fun on the web and to integrate yourself into your product or service even on a digital level. Too many people lose the excitement of creating content that will be read, viewed, studied, listened to and watched. Audiences change as access and platforms change, so why not be Dope and Lit, providing something that brings people to you and influence community activist and activism?

SEO even in Africa – Search Engine Optimization is not always the ticket, WOM or Word of Mouth is still important and should always be a viable strategy to build followers.

Search Engine Optimization is tech based, but technology cannot always bring readers. Building relationships and collaborations are the keys. Africans are expanding their presence and their ability to create dynamic digital content.

As a parent, educator, blogger, mentor, community activist, STEAM Advocate and proud sponsor for WordCamp Nairobi, Kenya here are my 21 Reasons African Digital Innovation Can Build Dopeness in African bloggers, innovators, smart creatives and thought leaders.

1. To attract diverse readers and viewers. Being diversified in your audience is a plus because people connect with what they like, how it relates to their needs and relevance.

2. Most viewers will be women and they love dope content. Try not to be boring or repetitive.

3. If you want a broad spectrum of followers dope up your blog with relevant content and graphics that match your audience. Diversity is Dope.

4. International markets look to promote Dope and Lit content. They always look for awesome people.

5. If you’re looking to monetize your site and content expand your dopeness to new markets that embraces diversity and engagement.

6. Hire dope speakers like myself to talk on your Podcasts.

If you’re having a workshop or conference be very selective because content has to be dope and exciting.

7. Take plenty of dope photos and videos with dope and lit people. Use your Instagram and Twitter sites to share and expand your reach.

8. Speak at WordCamps, BarCamps, EdCamps and other
tech conferences.

9. Always have your business cards available, make sure
there is a dope photo of yourself and have your “elevator pitch” ready.

10. Hire a dope graphic artist to create your dope logo.

11. Be a sponsor and promoter of community events like WordCamp as you grow.

12. Join the Chamber of Commerce and other dope organizations that are invested in the community and city.

13. Be a speaker on talk shows to share your knowledge.

14. Start your own Podcast with guests and be fancy
with your title.

15. See where you can help your church or ministry with their

16. Take a Social Media class yourself.

17. Offer Social Media classes with certificates when completed.

18. Keep your profiles current, relevant and oozzing with dopeness.

19. Take a dope vacation from time to time to encourage inspiration locally, nationally and internationally.

20. Embrace diversity in your vision and expression.

21. Network – Network – Network

William Jackson Speaking at WordCamp Wilmington, North Carolina

How To Be Dope On Social Media 2017

Staff Writer; William D. Jackson

Find out more about this talented writer over at; OCS For Education.

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