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Monday, December 17, 2018

Don’t Lose Hope Vote.

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(ThyBlackMan.comThe political climate of this nation is devastating. We are seeing leadership behave in a manner we could have never imagined. Trump has managed to embarrass this nation in ways that may be irreparable, and every “promise” he has made has been proven to be a lie. We live in a time where the word of leadership means absolutely nothing, and the American people are blatantly lied to on a daily basis. The question isn’t if some new embarrassing foolishness will happen today…the question is how bad will it be this time.

In addition to the gargantuan mess in the White House Republican congressional leaders can’t seem to decide if they want to take a stand against the evil in this country or appease it. Well, what can they say the Republicans have a large hand in making the mess we are currently dealing with. They decided to hate the previous administration without fail, and challenge every progressive move attempted. This climate has definitely taken a negative toll on the American people.

Local elections across the country have experienced a low voter turnout. The people are tired, and many have given up any hope that this country can be turned right side up. However, it is important to understand that your local elections will affect you directly. It is important to stay engaged in your community leadership as the nation face these trying times. While this president is doing a job worse that many of use can find words we still need to remain focused on those who will lead us directly. It is important to stay engaged regarding mayor, city council, school board, and judicial elections. Many cities can not afford for the people to disengage in community matters. Yes, you are disgusted, but you will be devastated if you give up now.

Cities like New Orleans need the people to remain engaged. They saw a drastically low voter turnout as city council seats, judge seats, and the mayor was being decided. Yes, the national elections are important, but it can be argued that the elections that are local have immediate affect on your standard of living. The mayhem we are seeing in the country right now should be enough to galvanize the people to fight for their family, home and community. Very rarely do we see leaders that make the people their number one priority, so we must force them to remember who they serve…who it is that voted them in the office they hold.

Take the time to talk to your neighbors, community, council leaders and activists. Remember your vote maters. The last time we lost focus of that we were forced to stomach leadership that is dangerous. Many Americans are living in fear. They fear war, the social unrest of the nation, losing their health care, and so much more. We the people will have to fight for our way of life…not what Trump thinks ought to be such, and this begins at home in your local cities and town.

Hope is an energy that can take us from surviving to thriving, but it can’t be something we simply discuss. Taking a stance is more than jut posting on social media, and engaging in heated social media debates. Twitter is not going to save nor heal your city. It is important that we get out into our communities and work together. We must carry ourselves to the polls and continue to allow our voices to be heard.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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