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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Will America Survive the Trump Administration.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) This country has survived depressions, recessions, and bad administrations. America has seen its share of internal strife, and challenges. However, each era is different and not every crisis beckons one to question survival. We live in the time of mass globalization by which the international community must be considered. The current administration has gone to great lengths to present itself as supreme, and unwilling to function properly in the international community. America has always had enemies, but this administration has managed to alienate real allies.

The current president, and his administration, claim to love America, and want to “Make it Great Again”. However, the decisions that are being made have not been in the best interest of the American people. It’s understood that no administration can fix everything, and the next will inherit the mistakes of the previous. The question that looms is will the next Administration be able to help America recover from what is happening to her now. The country is not great at the moment, and it doesn’t seem to be flowing in a great direction.

Since this administration has a propensity towards comparing itself with the Obama administration it can be argued that administration had a working relationship with the international community. No is saying Former President Obama was liked by all because that’s clearly not the case. He had to contest with the “racial” issue at home, and abroad. However, he worked with international leaders over an 8yr period, and during that time he was able to foster a respect that aided a working relationship. Even if one didn’t like him they had to admit he was patient, willing to communicate effectively, and his goal was progress.

The Unites States was not embarrassed by leadership during the previous 8yrs. No president is perfect; however, the current has managed to rub the international community wrong not only in policies, but in manners. He has snubbed environmental progress, and seems to think it okay to release America from any treaty (such as the Paris Treaty), or deal (Iran) he feels necessary.

In his drive to put America first he seems to have lost the understanding that America cannot exist, and thrive, in a globalized world on her own. In addition to is manner abroad… his treatment of American policy, and social issues he has made a mockery of this country. The truth is this administration doesn’t seem to have any direction. Its only goal appears to be undoing the work on the previous president. In allowing that to be the focus the president seems to target policies he would have never touched had it been implemented by another president other than Obama. This is a self-serving focus that is dangerous to the stability of the country, and the welfare of the American people.

Regaining stance in the international community could be a treacherous road for whoever has to come behind this president if he continues on his current course. The divide amongst the American people seems to deepen every by the moment. If this country survives the Trump Administration there is no telling how long it will take just to get back to where we were in 2016. That won’t be progress…it will be simply trying to turn the country some form of right side up. Many can argue this country was never right side up…it was just functional for the majority. Functionality is now being threatened by the current leadership, and the damage could be permanent.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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