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The Two Americas – Pt. 2.


(ThyBlackMan.com) I previously wrote Pt. 1 of a rare series of articles that I do called “Two Americas” where I talk about the some of the divides that exists in this country.

And in Pt. 2, I’m gonna continue to point out more of the glaring divides that exists between Africans and whites in the belly of the beast called America.

When white teens are killed, the white ruling class media humanizes them by saying things like “He was a good kid”, “He might have been troubled”, or “She’s just a misguided kid”

When African teens are killed by the colonial state in the form of the pig squad aka the police, the white ruling class media immediately slanders and criminalizes them by saying things like “They deserved to die” “They had a criminal history that involves stealing cars”, or “Their fathers had done time in prison for selling drugs”.

When white teens steal cars and they do this all the time by the way, the white ruling class media calls them “joyriders” that were out just enjoying themselves.

When African teens allegedly “steal cars”, the white ruling class media slanders them calling them criminals and car thieves that should be incarcerated in their genocidal prisons they specifically created to put our youth in.

When white nationalists like the police that come into our community and then terrorize us and kills us with impunity, they are called “heroes” by the white ruling class media.

When African working class people like myself fight back against this social system that’s been oppressing and killing us for over 600 years, the white ruling class media vilifies us by calling us “radical extremists” and “menaces to society”.

What is now seen as an “opioid crisis” in the white community allows whites to get treatment and rehab for opioid addiction.

When some people in our community are extremely addicted to hard drugs like crack or pop pills, we don’t get rehab and treatment for our drug addiction, instead, the colonial social system deliberately criminalizes and incarcerate us for it.

You go to any colonial white university on a typical Friday night frat party, drug abuse is rampant and you’ll find all sorts of drugs there like meth, PCP, LSD, bath salts, and even estacy aka molly and those universities are never raided by the various forms of colonial state terror in the DEA, Narco Unit, etc.

But ever so often, you see these same forms of colonial state terror like the Narco Unit and The Task Force in our community just coming in doing these “raids” to only further terrorize us and arrest and incarcerate us for drug abuse and drug possession.

When white nationalist politicians that commit crimes against the people, by deliberately poisoning their water with 1 billion gallons of raw sewage, they get a slap on the wrist and also get exonerated by the colonial state.

When these so-called “crimes” happen in our community, the white ruling class media always slanders and vilifies our community by pulling false narratives out of their ass like “our community is filled with criminals and thugs or “our community is addicted to drugs, violence, and ignorance”

In the colonial judicial system, whites get off on things like possession of a bag of weed.

If we have a bag of weed in our possession, we are given much harsher sentences of 20+ years by the colonial judicial system.

In the white community, they arrogantly flaunt our stolen wealth in our faces particularly downtown in the form of coffee shops, nightclubs, restaurants, as well as the high rises and condos being built at our community’s expense.

In our community, there’s horizontal violence, imposed poverty, imposed illegal drug economy, economic depravity, despair, and homelessness that’s deliberately inflicted on our community by the colonial social system.

Any encounters that white people have with the police often ends with an arrest or a greeting of “How may I help you?”

Any encounters that we have with police will end in many cases with our demise and then being slandered by the white ruling class media to continuously perpetuate the justification of the vicious and brutal militant occupation of the police against our community.

When white people get pulled over by the police, they are told that they protect their material interests by oppressing and killing us.

When we either ride a bike, walking on the sidewalk, or driving on the road, we are far more likely to get stopped n’ frisked, harassed, and killed by the police.

Whites get often angry when their sports teams lose in the championship game and especially when we speak out against their social system that requires our continual oppression to even exist.

We are often legitimately angry in which we voice our concerns on social media and YouTube about the oppressive conditions that our community faces daily at the hands of the colonial social system like being brutalized by police and even being forcibly pushed out of our own community by parasitic white gentrifying schemers.

The Conclusion – I wrote this article to debunk not only this myth of a “post-racial society”, but to let readers know that the cold hard reality is that these are The Two Americas that currently exist between us and whites.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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